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JUNE 24, 2013




I thought I would add a little addendum to last Friday’s newsletter based on some of the responses I received.  First, when I said maybe it was time to go home, it didn’t mean in any way I am giving up.  It is just a matter of dealing with reality.  We are probably two weeks from the end of the Session and there is still a lot we don’t know.  For example, two years ago we were able to see the big picture budget proposal from the Ways and Means co-chairs by April.  This time we still haven’t seen it, yet we are being asked to pass budgets without knowing how everything is supposed to fit together.  One can only assume there is a plan and we won’t know all of the details until the end.  One can also assume the Christmas tree bill will be very large this time. 


The Christmas tree bill is the bill that usually is the last budget bill passed that has additions and adjustments to budgets already passed.  Two years ago this bill was very small as everything had been dealt with in the base budgets for the agencies.  This year it is likely it will be a redwood.  As we are now under one hour notice for hearings, the scenario will probably go something like this.  The bill, which could be over one hundred pages long, will show up in the full Ways and Means Committee and will be passed and sent to the Body for a vote.  We will be asked to vote on it without having the time necessary to fully understand it and it will pass.


For those who complain about the partisan nature of politics, on many levels I share your frustration.  I would point out, however, our system is based on the ability to debate ideas and differences and in the end the majority prevails.  Unfortunately, in a situation like we have in Oregon with one party rule, the options for the minority are very limited.  We can’t stop anything, with the exception of new taxes, and to a large degree our ideas tend to be ignored.


The main purpose of my letters is to try and let people look inside the system.  Am I biased?  Yes, but everyone is.  To be unbiased is to have no opinion.  I was sent here by the voters in Senate District 1 to represent them to the best of my ability, and that is what I will continue to do.  I disagree with a lot of what is happening here in Salem, but there are also some things we are doing right.  I will continue to try and point out the difference.




Senator Jeff Kruse







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