Legislative Update - Gun Safety Bills Rescheduled


Senator Ginny Burdick
D-Portland, District 18

Phone: 503-986-1718    900 Court St. NE, S-213 Salem Oregon 97301
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The 2013 Legislative Session is well underway and we are working hard to help government address issues that are important to Oregonians.

I am pleased to announce that four gun safety bills have been rescheduled and will be heard on Friday, April 5 at 8:30am in the Senate Committee on Judiciary in Hearing Room 50.

They are:

Senate Bill 347 plus the -3 & -4 amendments: Prohibits Guns in K-12 Schools
• This bill establishes a statewide policy prohibiting carrying a gun into a K-12 school building.
• Local school districts can ‘opt-out’ of the policy
• Over 40 states currently restrict guns from K-12 schools

Senate Bill 699 plus the -1 & -3 amendments: Concealed Carry in Public Buildings
• The bill would require Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holders to carry their weapons concealed while in public buildings.

Senate Bill 700 as replaced by the -14 amendment: Requires Criminal Background Checks
• Requires criminal background checks before guns can be transferred between private parties
• Transfers between family members are exempted under most conditions
• By requiring these checks between private parties, we will reduce the number of criminals obtaining weapons who shouldn’t be.

Senate Bill 796 plus the -4 amendment: ‘Live Fire’ Training for CHL applicants
• Requires CHL applicants to complete ‘live fire’ training as part of the gun safety program
• Similar to obtaining a driver’s license, applicants should have to demonstrate their proficiency before the state grants permission for concealed carry.

We need your help! The citizens of Oregon who believe that gun violence is a real problem can no longer be silent. Please plan on attending the committee hearing. If you are interested, you can make your voice heard by testifying in front of the committee as a concerned parent, educator, community leader, responsible gun owner, or caring citizen. Even if you are not planning to testify, your presence at the committee is important.

If you are planning on coming, please let our office know so we can thank you personally!

Gun Safety Rally at the Capitol
The Oregon Alliance to End Gun Violence is hosting a gun violence lobby day at the State Capitol on April 4th. I encourage everyone to attend the rally at the Capitol steps at noon, and visit your legislators, if possible. We need to show the people of Oregon that our passion for preventing gun violence is greater than gun extremists who oppose even the most reasonable gun safety measures. You can access more information by clicking http://org2.democracyinaction.org/o/5610/c/240/p/salsa/event/common/public/?event_KEY=65665

Legislative Update
I am pleased to have carried House Bill 2489A on the Senate Floor on Thursday which protects low-income seniors and keeps them in their homes. It passed with a 29-0 vote. HB 2489A permanently extends the ability to participate in the Senior and Disabled Property Tax Deferral Program to those who have been in the program prior to the changes in 2011 and were disqualified solely due to a reverse mortgage.

The extension of the Senior and Disabled Property Tax Deferral Program will help thousands of seniors who are at risk of losing their homes. What is most important is that the changes we’ve made will keep this program up and running for our most vulnerable Oregonians. The program allows seniors and disabled individuals who have qualifying incomes and meet other criteria to defer county property taxes. The state is repaid when their homes are sold.

The Senior and Disabled Deferral Program has undergone changes in the past two legislative sessions. The 2011 Legislature passed HB 2543, which made requirements to participate in the program stricter. As a result of this, around half of the programs participants were disqualified. In 2012, the Legislature passed HB 4039, which granted a two-year clearance to participants who had been in the program and who had been disqualified solely due to a reverse mortgage. 

Mirabella Retirement Community Town Hall
On Wednesday March 27, I held a town hall meeting at Mirabella Retirement Community. I was delighted to speak in front of a packed meeting hall, with more seats being added to accommodate the large turnout. The main focus of this town hall was to discuss the residents’ opposition to HB 2056, which would eliminate the Nursing Facility Provider Tax Exemption for Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC). This is a subject that is very important to the budget process, and I listened with interest as residents gave me their point of view. I will be monitoring this bill closely as it moves from the House Committee On Health Care to the Joint Committee on Ways and Means. We also discussed PERS, tax reform, deli “casinos” and banning studded tires. We also had a good discussion about my efforts for common sense gun safety legislation.

I want to thank the Mirabella community for the opportunity to discuss their legislative concerns and give them updates on what is being done at their legislature. I welcome these town halls, and I am looking forward to the next opportunity to speak with you all at my next town hall which will be announced soon.

As the 2013 Legislative Session progresses, I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. You can contact my Chief of Staff, Jeff Fisher or my Legislative Aide, Peter Brown at (503) 986-1718 or by e-mail at sen.ginnyburdick@state.or.us. I look forward to hearing from you!



Senator Burdick
Senate District 18

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