April 4 Gun Safety Rally at the Capitol


Senator Ginny Burdick
D-Portland, District 18

Phone: 503-986-1718    900 Court St. NE, S-213 Salem Oregon 97301
Email: sen.ginnyburdick@state.or.us     Website: http://www.leg.state.or.us/burdick
Gun Safety E-Newsletter                                                   


Thank you for your support for reasonable gun laws. Now it is time for action!

The Oregon Alliance to End Gun Violence is hosting a gun violence lobby day at the State Capitol on April 4th. I encourage everyone to attend a rally at the Capitol steps at noon, and visit your legislators, if possible. We need to show the people of Oregon that our passion for preventing gun violence is greater than gun extremists who oppose even the most reasonable gun safety measures. You can access more information by clicking here.

A number of people have asked about the bills that will receive hearings this session.
They are:

1.) SB 347 – No Guns in K-12 Schools

Removes the current exemption in the law that allows individuals with concealed handgun licenses to carry loaded guns into K-12 schools. Law enforcement officers will still be able to carry their guns into schools. School districts may opt out of this restriction and allow concealed handgun license holders to carry guns into schools.

2.) SB 700 – Universal Background Checks (An amendment is being prepared)

Requires a background check prior to the sale or transfer of ownership of all guns, except between family members. The State of Oregon already requires background checks when purchasing a gun from a licensed dealer or at a gun show, and it is time that we extend those provisions to the purchase of all firearms.

3.) SB 699 - No Open Carry in Public Buildings (An amendment is being prepared)

Requires concealed handgun license holders to conceal their firearms if they carry in public buildings.

4.) SB 796 - Concealed Handgun License Proficiency Test (An amendment is being prepared)

Requires all people applying for a concealed handgun permit to pass a firing range test.

Many people have also asked how they can get involved. You can do four things to help in the effort to pass sensible gun safety legislation:

1) Come to the gun safety lobby day at the Capitol on April 4!

2) Have your neighbors, friends and family contact the state senator and state representative from their district and ask for their position on the bills. Urge them to sign onto the legislation and support it if it comes up for a vote. Members listen to constituents. You can find your legislator by entering your address here: http://www.leg.state.or.us/findlegsltr/ . Sign up for newsletters. Attend town halls for your legislators and bring up the issue of gun safety at every opportunity.

3) Get involved in groups supporting gun safety. Ceasefire Oregon is a great organization and would love additional support. http://www.ceasefireoregon.org/cfo/index.html ceasefireoregon@gmail.com. One Million Moms 4 Gun Control is another great organization that would love additional support. 1mm4gcpdx@gmail.com and (503) 610-2749. You can also check out the Facebook page of a new advocacy group, Oregonians for Gun Safety at https://www.facebook.com/#!/OregoniansforGunSafety.

4) If you are a member of law enforcement or a gun owner who is looking to make a difference, please contact Colin Cochran and let him know you are interested in getting involved. Email him at ccochran@hilltoppublicsolutions.com.

We’ve seen too many tragic stories in the news. It’s time to take action.

Again, thank you for your support! Please continue to stay in touch with my office as we work together to reduce gun violence in Oregon.

Yours truly,


Senate President Pro Tempore
Serving District 18

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