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Senator Jeff Kruse
R-Roseburg, District 1

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 Working Hard For You






First I want to thank all of you who choose to communicate with me on the wide variety of issues we have dealt with over time.  I do read all emails and truly value all opinions, both those who agree and those who disagree.  I think this type of communication is very important for those of us charged with developing public policy.


We will be asked to deal with a wide variety of issues in the next year, and I will certainly be asking for your input.  But for today, I think it is time to take a small break.


2012 has been a very difficult for a many of us and it has been for me personally as well.  This time of year can be hard for many, and I fully identify with those who find themselves dealing with some tough emotional issues as well as those dealing with significant financial issues.  I can’t make any promises, but I do believe everyone has the ability within themselves to make their situation better and I hope you can find the strength to move forward.


Personally, especially at Christmas time, I want to stop and thank God for the many blessing I have in my life.  As hard as things can be at times, there can still be a lot of positives to find if we choose to look.  I hope you can find the time for some positive reflections for yourself. 


2013 will be a year full of challenges, and we will deal with them in time.  But for now I just want to say Merry Christmas and hope you can have some peace and happiness in this holiday season.




Senator Jeff Kruse







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