Newsletter August 2015

Deborah Boone

Greetings from House District 32!

While this summer’s weather has been beautiful along the north Oregon coast, the hot dry weather throughout the Pacific Northwest has resulted in the most devastating wild fires we have seen in decades.    Earlier this month, fire crews responded to a brush fire at Ft. Stevens State Park which resulted in a partial evacuation.    Fortunately, the fire was brought under control after 27 acres were scorched.   This has not been the situation for the dozens of fires burning throughout Oregon and Washington, where fires now become deadly, killing firefighters and destroying dozens of homes.  Governor Kate Brown has now activated the Oregon National Guard to help in fire-fighting efforts to help bring these devastating fires under control.   Oregon State Parks is now prohibiting fires in campgrounds and in other properties owned and managed by the department.   The ban includes but is not limited to constructed steel fire pits, tiki torches, and even candles.    The ban also extends to fires on ocean beaches.   The goal is to prevent any accidental fires that would further tax limited fire fighting resources. 

I was honored to be invited to attend the ceremony of Oregon National Guard Major General Daniel Hokanson where he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General.  The ceremony was presided over by General Frank Grass, Chief of the National Guard Bureau.  Gen. Hokanson has been with the Oregon National Guard for 20 years, and was appointed to the top job of adjutant general in 2013.   He will become the deputy commander of the US Northern Command and a vice commander at NORAD.  Hokanson will be based at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado.

Gen Grass and Gen Hokanson
General Grass presents General Hokanson with Medal during Promotion Ceremony


Last week Department of Environmental Quality Staff and Environmental Quality Commissioners met for two days in Astoria to discuss environmental problems and concerns in the area.   The Astoria Marine Construction Company situation is very concerning.   Astoria Marine began operation in 1923 and originally built fishing boats and ferries.   The company began receiving military contracts in 1941.   By 1943, the boat yard was building minesweepers and other vessels for the war effort.   After WWII Astoria Marine specialized in mothballing Navy ships and was the leading shipyard  building minesweepers during the Korean War.   The DEQ and EPA are concerned because contaminants have been discovered on the site, and the estimate to clean the site is nearly $1 million.   While it no longer builds or repairs Navy ships, Astoria Marine continues to function as a vital boat repair facility, performing a valuable function for charter fishing boats along the north Oregon Coast.   

Tour of Astoria
Environmental Quality Commissioners are briefed on Astoria Marine Construction Company

Next week, I will be attending the Oregon Coastal Caucus Economic Summit.   This year’s theme is “The Pathway to Economic Development for Rural and Coastal Communities.   I will be leading a panel discussing Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia, and contributing to the Resilience panel that is being facilitated by Astoria Mayor Arlene LaMear.   As always, the topics will be extremely timely and should be very informational.   This year the Economic Summit will be held Wednesday and Thursday at the Spirit Mountain Casino .

Summer is coming to an end, but there is still time to enjoy a trip to the beautiful Oregon Coast.  Here’s a recent picture at my favorite beach!

Cannon Beach at Sunset
Cannon Beach at Sunset

While the legislature is not in session, I spend my time enjoying the North Oregon Coast, and while we are not at the Capitol daily, we still check our messages regularly, so if you do have a concern or comment or need help regarding a state issue or agency, please contact my office. It is my privilege to represent you in the Oregon House of Representatives, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Deborah Boone

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