Rep. Witt Newsletter July 1, 2015

Volume 9 Number 20

Brad Witt

Newsletter July 1, 2015

Hello Friends,

On Thursday, June 25th, Governor Kate Brown declared the much anticipated “transportation package” dead.  The stage was set for this train wreck in February when the Legislature went into session.  With the mindset that we owed a clean fuels program to a number of special interests, the fate of this legislation was sealed.  Even as there was considerable opposition to the Clean Fuels bill, we moved forward and ended up alienating the very groups that we needed to pass the transportation package. 

In spite of this, opportunities arose within the last month to address concerns for both carbon reduction and transportation needs.  You have no doubt read about the “gang of eight,” who worked so diligently to overcome every possible objection, including a way to match or exceed the reduction in carbon emissions provided in the Clean Fuels bill. 

The final nail in the coffin occurred when the Department of Transportation, that had provided the estimates of carbon reduction, overestimated the reduction numbers.  Having said that, there was no attempt to overcome those shortcomings in view of the importance of this package to the transportation infrastructure of our state.  $343.5 million in funding, carefully crafted from an increase in gasoline taxes, title and registration fees, would have gone a very long way to mend our broken streets and highways.


District 31 would have benefitted from this package in many ways, not the least of which would have been $20 million in funding towards the improvement of Cornelius Pass Road.  This truck bypass has become a major arterial in the movement of both people and cargo, and it has become increasingly treacherous, read deadly, over the years.  The failure of the transportation package to move is a major disappointment to me and to many of my colleagues whose districts have similar needs.  We will redouble our efforts in the next legislative session to once again try to find a way to get the job done.


I probably don’t need to tell you that a milestone occurred July 1st, as Oregon became the 3rd state in the union to legalize the use of recreational marijuana.  Since there are still many restrictions, however, I thought I would provide a link to a good question-and-answer column that ran in the Oregonian recently, below.  There are timelines to be observed and limits on possession, so please educate yourselves and be safe.

Many jurisdictions have banned the use of fireworks in this severe drought season, please check with your local fire district. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Yours truly,


Representative Brad Witt
House District 31

marijuana products.Oregonian.070115

Marijuana is legal for recreational use by adults today in Oregon. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is the state agency tasked with regulating recreational marijuana.  They have created an interactive overview of What's Legal starting today.  The Oregonian has some good resources and a Q&A: Everything you need to know about legal marijuana in Oregon that does a good job of providing guidance so that adults can use legally.

Clatskanie Heritage Days Flyer

The end of the 2015 Legislative Session is in sight but we don't know exactly when the final gavel will fall.  I hope to see you in Clatskanie on Saturday for all of the Heritage Days events and our 4th of July celebration. 

Scappoose Parade team

Thank you Scappoose Boosters!  The Summerfest Celebration was great this year, our volunteer team was in the parade handing out candy.  Great to see so many friendly, familiar faces!  The entertainment, games, vendors and carnival made for a family friendly celebration in South County.

Scappoose Parade gtractors
Tractors lining up for the parade!

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