Rep Boone Newsletter June 4 2015

Deborah Boone

Greetings from Salem!

This week, a series of shallow earthquakes has been occurring off the Oregon coast, but haven’t been strong enough to create a tsunami wave.   More than a half dozen earthquakes ranging in intensity from 5.9 to 4.3 were recorded about 300 miles west of Newport and were about six miles deep.  According to the U.S. Geological office it takes an earthquake in the magnitude of at least 7.0 to generate a tsunami wave. The quakes are centered where the Juan de Fuca plate and the Pacific plate are spreading apart, which is on the west side of the Juan de Fuca plate.   The Cascadia subduction zone is located on the east side of Juan de Fuca plate, and is responsible for the major earthquake risk facing the Northwest.  Scientists say it is not clear how this week’s earthquake activity will impact the Cascadia subduction zone, but it is a good reminder to everyone about the importance of emergency planning and resiliency.

I am continuing my efforts to push forward the resiliency legislation that is now in the Ways and Means committee.  HB 2270 will establish a State Policy Advisor in the office of the Governor.  This is the top priority of the Resilience Task Force, which was established with the passage of SB 33 during the 2013 legislative session.   A Resilience Policy Advisor would direct, coordinate and oversee seismic safety and resilience planning and preparation by state agencies.   HB 2270 has now been assigned to the Ways and Means General Government Subcommittee.

SB 808, HB  2270’s companion bill and primary task for the Resilience Policy Advisor, would address the human elements of survival and recovery following a disaster, dealing with catastrophic consequences and mass displacements that are likely to occur following a major Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami.   

While it is impossible to be completely ready for disaster, we can take steps now to strengthen our infrastructure and refine our disaster response plans so we can respond quickly when needed, saving lives and then working to restore our communities.    I am glad that this week’s earthquake activity was not “the big one”, but I’m hoping it serves as a wake-up call for my colleagues and we can move this important legislation forward this session.  

On Wednesday, I testified in the House Rules Committee in support of SCR 2, a bill honoring Bud Gienger of Tillamook.   This bill was sponsored by Senators Betsy Johnson and Brian Boquist and I was happy to offer my comments in support of Bud who did was such a great supporter of Oregon State University and Tillamook County.   SCR 2 passed out of committee with a “Do pass” recommendation and I will be carrying it on the House Floor in the near future.

Thursday in the Senate Rules Committee, HCR 25 honoring former Mayor Shirley Kalkhoven received a Public Hearing and Work Session and was moved with a “Do pass” recommendation. Senator Betsy Johnson and I sponsored HCR 25 and she will be carrying it on the Senate floor.

In the district, June 6-7 is the annual Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Free Fishing weekend.  During Free Fishing Weekend, fishing and shellfish licenses, tags and endorsements are not required anywhere in Oregon. To provide a little extra incentive to get out and join the fun, ODFW and several partners are planning organized kids fishing activities on Saturday.    In Clatsop County, there will be a fishing event at Fort Stevens State Park from 9-1.   In Tillamook County, there are two sites, the Nedonna Pond in Rockaway Beach from 9-2, and the Trask River Fish Hatchery east of Tillamook from 8-3.  To help the kids learn about fishing, and have a positive experience, gear, bait and instruction will be provided.

The Legislature is now in the last month of Oregon’s 78th Legislative Assembly, and as I mentioned last week, committees are now operating on short notice.  Things can move very quickly during the last few weeks of a regular session, and a piece of legislation can be amended with one hours’ notice. If you want to quickly weigh in on an issue, it’s best to contact my office by phone or email, or the Committee Administrator, and if you don’t hear back keep trying.  Given the rapid timelines, it is impossible for me to track every single bill as it works through the process.   If you are following a bill or issue, and want to weigh in on it, contact my office by phone or email, or you can submit your testimony directly to the Committee Administrator.  Your input is important as we enter these final days of the session, and if you are planning to visit the Capitol, let me know in advance, so we can schedule an appointment.

If you want to follow proposed bills, watch committee meetings or the House or Senate Floor sessions live, you can access the Oregon Legislative Information System via the following link:

It is my privilege to represent you in the Oregon House of Representatives and I look forward to hearing from you.


Deborah Boone

email: I phone: 503-986-1432
address: 900 Court St NE, H-481, Salem, OR, 97301