PERS Goes Backwards, Bills Move Forward

Updates from Senator Tim Knopp.

Tim Knopp

This week in Salem…

Central Oregon public agencies brace for budget impact after PERS decision

The Bulletin

SALEM — The Oregon Supreme Court ruled Thursday that some of the 2013 cuts to public-employee retirement benefits are unconstitutional, wiping out much of the savings lawmakers were aiming for and likely raising pension costs for state and local governments. Now, Central Oregon governments and school districts say they will brace for budget changes, even if they’re not quite sure what they’ll look like.

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Knopp Calls For Immediate Action on PERS Following Supreme Court Decision

Salem, OR - Today, the Oregon Supreme Court announced their decision to overturn major PERS reforms from the 2013 Grand Bargain that would have saved the state close to $5 billion in unfunded liability.

"Today we lost 95% of critical savings from PERS reform," said Senator Tim Knopp (R-Bend).

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Knopp Bills Make Progress in House

SB 614

This legislative session I have had the opportunity of sponsoring a bill that would allow peace officers to enter motor vehicles to rescue distressed animals trapped inside. SB 614 passed the Senate this March and is currently being considered by the House. This past Monday April 27th, I had the opportunity to testify in support of SB 614 in the House Committee on the Judiciary. To hear my testimony, click here.

SB 120

I also had the opportunity to testify in support of SB 120 this Wednesday April 29th.The bill would improve highway construction in our state by giving cities and local authorities more influence in the construction process.

It was great to be able to testify alongside with Redmond Mayor George Endicott. Here's a quote from him on the importance of this solution for infrastructure and jobs:

"The bill will provide ODOT and DLCD the ability to work with cities and the counties to implement flexible and innovate solutions for the transportation planning rule. Enabling the cities, the counties, and the state to enhance economic development for their respective commentates." - George Endicott, Redmond Mayor

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This week in Photos


A printed copy of the Oregon Supreme Court decision on PERS (Moro v. State of Oregon).


Ann Malkin, a board member for the Deschutes Public Library, came to visit this week.


Nate Pedersen, also a board member for Deschutes Public Library, visited as well this week.

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