Senator Monroe - Newsletter

Rob Monroe

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

As the legislative session at the Capitol hits the halfway mark, I have been hard at work fighting for priorities that matter to our district. I would like to inform you about several pieces of legislation that I strongly support. 

Police Accountability – Filming Police

Allowing individuals to film police officers, House Bill 2704 makes recording of peace officers or parole and probation officers not a crime unless recording actually prevents officers from performing their lawful duties. On April 20th, House Bill 2704 passed the House Judiciary Committee and is heading to the House floor. I look forward to voting for it, if it comes to the Senate floor.

Public Health – Limiting Livestock Antibiotics

Limiting the amount of medically important antibiotics administered to food producing animals, Senate Bill 920 addresses the wide spread overuse of antibiotics by livestock producers.  On Monday, April 20th, the bill passed with recommendation out of the Senate Health Care Committee and referred to the Rules Committee for further work and consideration. As an advocate for protecting human public health from unnecessary antibiotics, I am glad to support this bill.

Transportation Package

Portland Bridge

Many of our bridges are unsafe, potholes lace roads, and traffic clogs highways. Clearly, Oregon needs to address our transportation crisis. As a member of the Senate Business and Transportation Committee, I am working hard to create a bipartisan transportation package to address Oregon’s needs. Governor Kate Brown voiced strong support for such a proposal on April 17th, even stating that “the Legislature cannot go home until we get this done,” referring to ethics reform legislation and a transportation package. I agree. Here at the capitol, I make a great effort to bridge the political divides in order to solve the problems facing our communities on a daily basis. 

What Do You Think?

Ways and Means Hearing

As always, I am eager to hear from you! Serving as your legislator is simply that – serving you. I would like to thank everyone who joined me last Thursday, April 16th at Mount Hood Community College for the Ways and Means Community Hearing. I appreciated hearing your insight and thoughts.

You can keep in touch with my office by following my Facebook page, by emailing us at, or calling us at the state capitol, at (503) 986-1724.

Best regards,

Rod Monroe

Senator Rod Monroe

Senate District 24 – East Portland and North Clackamas County 

email: I phone: 503-986-1724
address: 900 Court St NE, S-409, Salem, OR, 97301