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Improving Government One Project at a Time

From Chief Operating Officer Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Have you ever thought, “State agencies really should work together more to solve issues affecting us all”?  

Meet the Enterprise Leadership Team!

Twenty-five agency directors regularly meet with me to discuss ways to modernize, streamline, and improve administrative functions across agency silos. The ELT and its Improving Government Steering Team stand up and resource projects, and agencies participate by collaborating on the solutions. Below are highlights of three projects currently underway. Click a project title to visit the project Web page.

1. The Oregon Management Project, bringing the state’s employment system for managers into the modern day. The state has begun a comprehensive market comparison to develop a clear and useable classification system for managers and a transparent, competitive and responsible compensation structure. The state has not completed a comprehensive evaluation of the management system in almost 25 years, although we review it for classified employees every two years as part of the collective bargaining process.

2. Procurement Improvement, Multi-Agency Price Agreement Delegation, improving the process for delegating authority to agencies. Through this project, the state will determine the best circumstances for using multi-agency price agreements. A pilot project will explore how the state can fully use agencies’ expertise for specific procurements. These differ from “enterprise” price agreements, such as for office supplies or systems furniture, because only a few agencies need to purchase the goods or service.

3. Payroll Consolidation, increasing the efficiency and accuracy of payroll processes in state government. Several agencies have stepped forward to participate in pilot groups to create shared service centers. Dozens of payroll professionals who know the work are at the table tackling the challenges of the existing processes and systems. The goal is for the shared services arrangements to lead to more efficient, customer-service oriented processes. Sharing the best time and attendance processes and systems is one example.   

For information on other projects to improve Oregon state government, visit http://www.oregon.gov/COO/ELT/Pages/projects/index.aspx.


Customer Boards: DAS Celebrates Two Years of Collaboration

CUB meeting

DAS two years ago invited agencies to serve on four customer utility boards to give customers a more meaningful voice in the operation of DAS services. Roughly 40 agency managers, leaders and subject matter experts stepped forward to serve in a new role. The “CUBs” recognize and respond to agency needs and provide consistent communication between customers and DAS.

This affects agencies in positive ways. Through representation on the CUBs, customers are the approvers of DAS rates and service level agreements. Customers discuss DAS business plans and operations before they go into effect. And customers are at the table to resolve any service issues.

“I cannot thank our CUB members enough,” said Chief Operating Officer Michael Jordan. “They come from small, medium and large agencies, and bring diverse perspectives to each discussion. The members donate a great deal of time to the good of state government, and I sincerely appreciate their contributions. ‘Thank you, CUB members.’”

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Surplus Property Offers '101'

front end loader

The DAS Surplus Property program has undertaken a campaign to better educate agencies on how to dispose of surplus items. Perfect for do-it-yourselfers, the “Surplus 101” page contains everything an agency needs to submit items into the Surplus Property program. They also offer hands-on training and onsite visits.

Don’t keep that table, desktop or front end loader a day longer than you need it. Visit Surplus at www.oregonsurplus.com, or call 503-378-6020.  


Procurement Workshop

procurement workshop graphic

Now’s the time for procurement professionals and administrative support staff to enroll in the fall procurement workshop, Harvesting the Best Procurement Has to Offer. A variety of continuing education sessions and trade show round out this full day of training for only $125. Sign up through iLearnOregon. 

View the full list of fall procurement training opportunities here