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The Department of Administrative Services is pleased to share the following updates from a variety of program areas. Please feel free to share this newsletter with your organization and to send us ideas for future editions.


DAS Leadership Team Expands

This winter DAS welcomed new leaders to its executive team.

Darrin Kazlauskas

Darrin Kazlauskas arrived in mid-December to lead the Enterprise HR Services team, which provides HR services to DAS and numerous client agencies.

Darrin recently retired from the U.S. Marine Corps where he led recruiting and HR services for a 10-state region.
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Alex Pettit

Alex Pettit arrived in early-January to lead state government’s IT work as State Chief Information Officer.

Alex comes to Oregon from Oklahoma where he served as State CIO for the past four years.
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Madilyn Zike

Madilyn Zike arrived in mid-January to serve as Chief HR Officer and lead the state’s HR policy team.

Madilyn comes to DAS from Lane County where she served as the county’s chief operating officer.
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In addition, long-time state manager Michael Rodgers has been named Deputy Administrator of DAS Enterprise Technology Services. More >>

Along with welcoming these new leaders, all DAS extends thanks to Julie Pearson-Ruthven of the Secretary of State, and Clyde Saiki of the Department of Transportation. Julie and Clyde graciously fulfilled interim roles at DAS during 2013. They exemplify true public service and we want to take this opportunity to thank them for their willingness to serve and a job well done.


Management System Reform

State leaders are bringing a comprehensive package to the February legislative session regarding the state’s relationship with its managers. The package includes a series of legislative and administrative actions focused on state government’s management philosophy, system of classification and compensation, training practices, retention and recruitment. For more information, visit http://www.oregon.gov/COO/ELT/Pages/projects/emsrp.aspx.

For information on other projects to improve Oregon state government, visit http://www.oregon.gov/COO/ELT/Pages/projects/index.aspx.


Project Management Opportunities

project managers

With the complexity of work increasing, the time to complete projects decreasing and public expectations rising, excellent project management skills are key to state government’s future success. Strengthen your agency’s project management bench with these courses:

  1. The Oregon Project Management Certification Program develops and certifies leaders in the project management field.
  2. Introduction to Managing Projects is for individuals who may not be project managers or leads, but are part of a project team. In addition, this course is designed for people who supervise individuals who play a role on a project team.

For more information, visit http://oregon.gov/DAS/CHRO/pages/opmcp.aspx, or contact program coordinator Sara Hargrave, 503-378-4202.


Workshop for Administrative Professionals

administrative assistant

Celebrate the excellent work of your administrative team by inviting them to attend a special workshop on April 22. DAS Procurement Services is putting together an informative and inspiring day for administrative professionals and other individuals who hold supporting positions in the world of procurement. This is a fantastic opportunity to obtain guidance and training on contract management for work teams, SPOTS cards and P-Cards, state travel, confidentiality, time management, organization, communications, and more.

This fun-filled day will include breakfast and lunch with keynote and guest speakers. Visit http://oregon.gov/DAS/EGS/PS/pages/index.aspx for details and to register.


News from Surplus Property

You can search for and view property online. >>

New inventory reporting and tracking software set to launch soon.  >>

New auction vendors offer flexibility and options for online sales. >>