Pass the Keys

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pass the keys banner driving drunk is not a game

It's Tailgating Season...

Make sure that your game day includes a plan to designate a driver and Pass the Keys at tailgating events and parties.

Have a strategy before you tailgate

  • Choose an MVP – a sober, designated driver – before the party even begins.
  • If you don’t have a designated driver, get a sober friend to drive you home; call a cab or family member to come get you; or, if possible, stay where you are for the night.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol too fast. Eat, take breaks, alternate with non-alcoholic drinks and pace yourself. Stay hydrated.
  • Always buckle up – it’s still your best defense against drunk drivers.

If you're hosting a tailgate party

  • Serve plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages at the party. Always have soft drinks, juices and other non-alcoholic beverages available for those guests who are driving, choose not to drink, or are under 21.
  • Host your party like they do at the stadium: Stop serving alcohol at the end of the third quarter. 
  • Plan ahead to get keys. Make sure to examine all of your guests before they leave. Keep in mind, you can be held legally responsible if someone you served ends up in a drunk-driving crash.  
  • A good party host is a sober host. Limiting your own alcohol intake will allow you to better determine if a guest is sober enough to drive at the end of the night. 
  • Have a cab fare fund. Having available cash to pay cab fare for your guests if they need it reduces the stress on you.

Pass the Keys is sponsored by the OLCC, Oregon State Police, and Oregon Department of Transportation to remind adults 21 and over to make our teams proud by celebrating responsibly.

You can also help local law enforcement by reporting impaired drivers to 911, or Oregon State Police at 1-800-24DRUNK (1-800-243-7865).

report an impaired driver

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