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Breast Cancer Awareness/A Healthier Halloween/Action-Based Learning/TSWM social media 

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

TSET partners to advance breast cancer research



October is breast cancer awareness month. As it rolls around we are reminded by the pink ribbons and the awareness and fundraising events that breast cancer is a complex problem that requires a solution on many fronts, including screening, research, treatment and support.

In this issue of our newsletter you’ll read about one part of the comprehensive solution: Drs. Bryan and Alana Welm, a husband-and-wife research team whose work centers on breast cancer.

The TSET board of directors is committed to reducing cancer and cardiovascular disease by reducing the leading causes of each – tobacco use, physical inactivity, and poor nutrition.


TSET Funds Help Recruit Breast Cancer Research Team

Husband-and-wife research team focuses on advances in breast, colon and ovarian cancers

TSET Research Scholars

The Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) partners with the Stephenson Cancer Center to provide TSET funding to the recently recruited husband-and-wife research team, Drs. Bryan and Alana Welm.

The research duo have joined the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) family and have become TSET Research Scholars at the University of Oklahoma Stephenson Cancer Center. The team hopes to further contribute to the significant cancer research studies already taking place in Oklahoma. 


Healthy Schools Incentive Grant Helps Jenks School Disrict Implement Active Learning

Jenks ABL
Photography by Tulsa World

Jenks Public Schools expands Action-Based Learning (ABL) program district wide and establishes new Action-Based Learning labs with the help from a TSET Healthy Schools Incentive Grant. Suzanne Cyrus, Jenks Public Schools Physical Education Teacher, started implementing the scientific research from the Action-Based Learning (ABL) program at Jenks freshman academy almost five years ago. With the help from a TSET Healthy Schools Incentive Grant, the ABL program has flourished, and the Jenks School District has seen the positive impact it has had on their student's academic performance.


Check out, Chalkboard, the newest Tobacco Stops With Me media campaign. Plus, TSET is excited to announce the launch of Tobacco Stops With Me social media! Please follow us on Facebook or follow @StopsWithMe on Twitter and help spread the word about these new pages.

Jean Blaydes Presents Action-Based Learning Program

The keynote speaker educates attendees on ABL at the OAHPERD Convention 2014

Jean Blaze


The Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET) partners with the Oklahoma Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (OAHPERD) to bring award-winning speaker for Action-Based Learning, Jean Blaydes, to the OAHPERD Convention 2014 where she educated attendees on the importance of physical activity and the benefits it brings to classroom learning.

Blaydes has been a physical education teacher for 30 years and has a Masters of Education in Kinesiology from East Texas State University. She has been published and recognized nationally for her work with physical activity and its link to academic performance. At the OAHPERD Convention 2014, Blaydes facilitated a workshop that discussed easy ways to implement physical activity into the classroom for the optimum learning experience. After the presentation, she engaged participants to get up, be active and move more.



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Shape Your Future Halloween

PRSA Oklahoma City Chapter Recognizes TSET for Work in Public Outreach and Health Communication

TSET received Honorable Mention at the PRSA Uppercase Awards 2014 ceremony in three categories including:

  •  Public Service Campaign - Honorable Mention for Shape Your Future Phase 2
  • Social Media Campaign - Honorable Mention for Shape Your Future Kevin Durant Camp Summer Challenge
  • Multimedia Communication- Honorable Mention for TSET FY13 Annual Report: Cutting-Edge, Life-Changing Discoveries
PRSA Uppercase

The Oklahoma City Chapter, Public Relations Society of America is a group of professionals who practice public relations for corporations, PR firms, government agencies, nonprofit, health and medical entities and other organizations in central and western Oklahoma. 


Discover the New Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline Website

The new mobile-friendly Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline website has officially launched. Now, it is easier than ever to access FREE resources and information for quitting and staying quit! If you know someone who needs help quitting, the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline can help someone begin their journey.

No judgments. Just help.