TLE Newsletter-- October

October 2015

Quantitative Weights

One of the biggest differences between previous TLE legislation and current law under Senate Bill 706 is the distribution of the qualitative and quantitative components.  Under SB 426, TLE composite score was a combination of both the qualitative and the quantitative sides.

426 graphic

Under current legislation, the qualitative and quantitative components are independent of each other.  Teachers who have at least one tested grade or subject shall have the option of basing up to 50% of the quantitative rating on evaluation methods chosen from a list of options approved by the State Board of Education.  The remainder of the quantitative rating will come from student academic growth based on state-mandated testing.  The model shown below applies to any teacher who receives a value-added score.


Teachers in grades and subjects for which there is no state-mandated testing measure will develop their quantitative rating based on quantitative components from the list of approved measures.


The weight of each quantitative component will be determined at the district level.  If you have any questions regarding either component of TLE, please contact the TLE office or view Senate Bill 706 by clicking here.