TLE Newsletter-- September

September 2015

Exploring Student Academic Growth Measures

In accordance with Senate Bill 706, the Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Commission shall recommend to the State Board of Education multiple reliable, research-based measures for providing a quantitative evaluation component for teachers in grades and subjects for which there is no state-mandated testing measure.  The State Board of Education shall approve and publish a list of approved measures by February 1, 2016.  A study focusing on the teacher evaluation system in over 30 states found the following six commonly-used quantitative measurements:

  • Student-Learning Objectives
  • Teacher Portfolios
  • Utilization of Current Diagnostic Tools
  • Benchmark Assessments
  • Measures of Collective Performance
  • Student Surveys

While none of the listed student growth measures have been approved by the TLE Commission, working groups have been formed to gain deeper insight on each measurement in determining the benefits and detriments of each measurement.  Partnerships with a variety of school districts to pilot these measures coupled with feedback from teachers and administrators will help create a well-rounded list that can be adapted to meet the academic goals of all school districts.

You can access a copy of SB 706 here.