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1099 M Corrections

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All 1099 corrections for 2014 or for previous years need to be submitted to OMES and we will report the corrections to the IRS.  If you should have any 1099s that are returned by the vendor requiring changes, please issue a ‘corrected 1099’ to the vendor using the blank forms provided with the original 1099s or you may call and make arrangements for OMES to print one for you.  Send copies of the incorrect 1099 and the correct 1099 along with any documentation to support the change to OMES.  Please contact Beth Brox with any questions at (405) 522-1099 or Beth.Brox@omes.ok.gov.


Employee IRS Form W-4

Agencies are reminded to review and ensure employees have valid forms on file for 2015. The exempt Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, expires on Feb. 17, 2015, and employees must submit a new form to continue the exemption for 2015. If you receive an exempt W-4 after Feb. 17, 2015, do not process a tax refund to the employee or submit one to OMES for processing. The W-4 will take effect on the next pay cycle; it is not retroactive to the beginning of the year.  The PeopleSoft HCM query: GO_PY_TAX_EXEMPT_STATUS - Fed or State Tax Exemption can be run by agencies to see who currently is claiming an exemption from income tax withholding. The IRS has posted the 2015 W-4 form on the IRS website.

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Annual Withholding Tax Exemption Certification for Military Spouse

Agencies are reminded to review and ensure employees have a valid OTC Form OW-9-MSE on file for 2015. The form must be completed annually to continue the exemption for 2015. If a new exemption form has not been submitted for 2015, the employee’s withholding status must go back to the last valid IRS Form W-4 on file with the employer.  If you receive an exempt Form OW-9-MSE after processing a payroll, do not process a tax refund to the employee or submit one to OMES for processing. The new exemption form will take effect on the next pay cycle; it is not retroactive to the beginning of the year. 

As a reminder, a nonresident spouse of a nonresident service member may be exempt from Oklahoma income tax on income from services performed in Oklahoma. OTC Form OW-9-MSE must be completed and returned to the employer with the required documentation.  The instructions to the form list the “Requirements of Employer” before allowing the withholding exemption.  The form must be completed each year the exemption is to be claimed. 

The state PeopleSoft payroll system, employee State Tax Data will require updating.  The Special Tax Status will be changed to: "Maintain Taxable Gross; SWT zero unless specified in 'Additional Withholding' below." This does not affect the Federal Tax Data.  Federal withholding will still be calculated based on the IRS Form W-4 in effect. 

Agencies with internal payroll systems must update the employee tax data as applicable to that payroll system.

Although exempt from state income tax withholding, the income is still reportable on the W-2 as Oklahoma wages.  Employees with questions regarding this should contact their tax accountants.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission has additional information and a section of Frequently Asked Questions on its website. The form may be found by clicking here.

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Forms W-2 & W-2C

The following are terms frequently used for different types of W-2s based on when the form is completed. 

Original W-2: Form W-2 that was originally issued to an employee by Jan. 31. 

Reissued W-2: Original Form W-2 reissued to an employee due to the original form being lost, misplaced, not received, etc. Write ‘REISSUED STATEMENT” on the employee’s new copies. A reissued W-2 can be produced at any time because the data is not being changed. The form can include a “reissue date”.

Corrected W-2: Used to correct the original W-2 when an error has been discovered before OMES submits the file to the Social Security Administration (SSA). “CORRECTED” must be written on the employee’s new copies. The form can include a “corrected date”.

NOTE: Corrected W-2 forms must be delivered to OMES by Feb. 20, 2015. Please send the original W-2, a copy of the corrected form and a letter explaining why the correction is needed.

W-2C: Used to adjust the original W-2 (or corrected W-2) information when an error has been discovered after OMES has submitted the file to the SSA.

NOTE: W-2Cs must be submitted to OMES as soon as completed and will be filed with the SSA. Please provide an explanation of the changes from the original W-2.

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State Contribution Fund Interagency Payments

The State Contribution Fund, Vendor ID # 0000000467, is set up to process using the wire payment method. This vendor should be used for tax payments due to OMES for backup withholding on vendors and other withholding taxes due that were not processed through the payroll system (for example 1042-S non-employee withholding, third party sick pay taxes). 

Agencies that have vendors requiring backup withholding on miscellaneous claims need to process and submit payment to OMES (Vendor ID # 0000000467) at the same time payment is made to the vendor. Agencies that have taxes due on items not processed through the payroll system need to process and submit payment to OMES (Vendor ID # 0000000467) immediately for timely deposits to the IRS. 

When payment has been processed, please immediately forward the paperwork detailing the transaction, vendor name, ID, gross payment amount and other information as needed to Lisa Raihl or Jean Hayes so that the payment can be matched and the taxes can be timely paid.

NOTE: Please do not use vendor # 0000000090 for tax payments that must be submitted to OMES for payroll/vendor related items. Payments made in error to OMES vendor # 0000000090 causes delays in the taxes being provided for payment to federal and state entities. This could cause the taxes to not be paid timely and the agency will be responsible for any late penalties or interest.

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Alternate Contact Update for Voucher Rejections

In early January 2015, OMES implemented a new system for voucher rejections. For scanned agencies, this system utilizes the Notify function in PeopleSoft to electronically notify users of a voucher rejection. It also enables the OMES auditors to upload a copy of the rejection notice to the voucher attachments for all agencies, regardless of scanning capabilities, to ensure a copy of the voucher rejection notice will remain with the voucher record.

The system is designed to send the electronic notification to the creator of the voucher for scanned agencies. However, after implementation of the new system, one major issue was discovered. For some agencies, the creator of the voucher record is only responsible for loading the voucher into PeopleSoft and does not perform any voucher corrections.

One solution to this problem relies on communication within the agency. If the voucher creator is not responsible for correcting the voucher, the creator should forward any rejection emails to the appropriate person for correction.

The second solution involves a group email notification. The scanning agency can choose to create a group Accounts Payable email. OMES will send the rejection notice to the group email, which will alert every member of the group that a voucher has been rejected. This will reduce or eliminate the risk of having a rejected voucher lingering in PeopleSoft because the agency is unaware of the rejection, as it may go untouched when someone is out of the office. It also allows the agency to update the members of the group email for such things as when employees leave or join the agency, without having to notify OMES. Please note that we do not want a list of multiple contacts, but rather a single group email.

If your agency is one in which the voucher creator does not perform voucher corrections, and you choose to create a group email for voucher rejections, please send the email address to Jeannette Pascher at jeannette.pascher@omes.ok.gov or to Cathrine Edge at cathrine.edge@omes.ok.gov.

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Vendor Documentation

It is important that suppliers complete and sign all documentation required for financial and procurement purposes. It is unlawful to complete financial documentation on behalf of suppliers without proper authority granted.

The OMES Vendor Payee form and other applicable IRS W-9 documents act as a legal financial document and should be completed and signed by the vendor only. Agency personnel are not authorized to complete the vendor portion of the document. The signature requirement is governed under Oklahoma Statute Title 21 and is a requirement for vendor verification of the accuracy of the information per Federal IRS guidelines. Under this guideline, the signature received must match the authorized agent capable of verifying accuracy of Name, Business Type, IRS Certifications and Tax ID number provided on form.

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Supplier Enrollment Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

As a reminder, please do not disseminate EFT enrollment forms or accept EFT information from payees. Supplier should complete and sign an OMES Vendor Payee Form. Please ensure payee includes email(s) to be used for EFT registration notification and future remittance advices. Please use the most current Vendor Payee document located on the OMES DCAR Forms Page.

Agency will complete Agency section of form and submit to OMES Vendor Management for processing via email to vendor.form@omes.ok.gov.

Please advise supplier they will receive email within 48 hours providing instructions for online EFT registration. Supplier must have the PIN number and PS Vendor ID included in the email in order to register for EFT Financial Registration. Supplier should follow instruction provided to complete online enrollment. Supplier will receive a verification email of pending approval with attached EFT Enrollment Request form. Form is also available within registration portal under banking step as PDF download. Supplier should complete sections I and section II of the form and have their financial institution complete and sign section III. Form should be submitted direct to the Office of State Treasurer for processing via fax or mail using provided instructions. Please advise vendor not to email form.

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For Bidder/Supplier (Procurement Purchase Order and Contract) Registration:

All vendors intended for use on a State Contract or Purchase Order should register via the State of Oklahoma Vendor Registration Portal prior to award. The registration process allows suppliers a central location to verify compliance with all state procurement requirements. This information needs to be verified for all vendors regardless of payment amount to ensure compliance with other state laws governing individuals and businesses providing goods or services to the State of Oklahoma.

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Agency Procurement Exemptions:

Agencies granted exemptions under the Central Purchasing Act should note the exemptions provided encompass agency requirements for information verification and do not exempt suppliers from all requirements. Suppliers must still register their individual or business information with the Oklahoma Secretary of State, Oklahoma Tax Commission and have active Worker’s Compensation Insurance. Additionally all payees must agree to be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) unless an exemption is submitted to the Oklahoma Office of State Treasurer and approved.

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Supplier Inactivation Announcement:

In order to maintain an accurate payment and procurement system, annual supplier inactivation will occur on March 9, 2015. All vendors with no payment or procurement activity since 01/01/2013 will be inactivated in the PeopleSoft supplier record. Inactivation will not affect suppliers with current contracts, purchase orders, payment history or active registration.

Reactivation requests should only be submitted for suppliers having new business with a state agency. To reactivate, please have payees complete all registration requirements and complete a new OMES Vendor Payee form or W-9 prior to submission of reactivation request.

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New Bidder and Supplier Registration Announcement:

Suppliers will soon have access to a revised State of Oklahoma ESupplier Registration system. The system will allow new Bidders to enroll in EBid services in which they enroll to receive a temporary Bidder ID. The Bidder ID will allow potential suppliers not in PeopleSoft to receive automated bid notifications for solicitations matching the UNSPSC codes matching their registered product or service.

Prior to award, the Bidder would then be assigned a PeopleSoft Supplier ID and their online EBIDDER account converted to the ESupplier Account. All Supplier Registration requirements will be entered within the ESupplier Account. Once approved, all information including Workman’s Compensation, Secretary of State, and Oklahoma Tax Permit information will be accessible in the PeopleSoft Supplier file for state procurement use.  Existing registered vendors will receive notification soon of the new changes to their registration and existing ESupplier login accounts as well.

As part of the change initiatives, new tools are being developed within PeopleSoft to create an improved vendor review and selection process. Instructions and training will be provided to State procurement personnel in the upcoming months. Current registered suppliers should also be on the lookout for additional communications and updates which will be issued via the DCAR Newsletter and Central Purchasing email communication systems.

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Volume 25, Number 8
Fiscal Year-2015
February 10, 2015

In This Issue ...


Certified Government Financial Manager Course

The AGA Oklahoma City Chapter is once again offering the Certified Government Financial Manager courses here in Oklahoma City.  The initial dates for the course were from March 4-11, 2015.  Those dates have changed. The new dates for the class are March 2-6, 2015.  The meeting place is the same as announced, the Jim Thorpe Building in the HCM small training room. The training offers 40 hours of CPE and the cost will be $1,150 to $1,500 which makes it very affordable CPE.  Please contact Riley Shaull at riley.shaull@oesc.state.ok.us with any questions.

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AGA CPE Luncheons

The Oklahoma City Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants offers one-hour CPE luncheons almost every month throughout the year.  Luncheons are held in the Burk Burnett Board Room at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, 1700 NE 63rd.  The cost is $15 for members and $20 for non-members.  Mark your calendars for the following CPE events:

Feb. 11th:
11:30 - 1 p.m.
Speaker:  Bill Maus
Topic:  Cost Allocation Plan

Mar. 18th:
11:30 – 1 p.m.
Speaker: Bill Miller, National AGA President
Topic: Citizen Centric and Performance Reporting

April 22nd:
11:30 – 1 p.m.
Speaker: Colleen Flory, OMES Performance Division
Topic: Performance Measurement

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E-Verify Webinars

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has published their February 2015 webinar schedule. There are several different webinars to choose from which includes the following:

Form I-9 – an overview of the I-9 process, including step-by-step instructions, retention, and storage.

E-Verify Overview – an overview of the E-Verify program, including how it works, employer responsibilities, and a demo.

E-Verify for Existing Users – an overview of the program designed specifically for existing users, including user roles, case alerts, how to handle TNC, and common errors.

Pre-registration is not required for most of the webinars.

To see the list of available dates and times, please visit their website.  

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2015 Spring Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance Training Workshops

Offered by Arctic International LLC

Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

April 27-30, 2015 

The workshops are geared towards developing solid skills and learning how to manage nonresident alien tax compliance. The Workshop class schedule and all of the details are available on their website

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Payroll 101: Foundations of Payroll Certificate Program

Offered by the American Payroll Association

San Antonio, Texas or Las Vegas, NV

Classes are held several times throughout the year at both locations.

The class is designed to help employees understand the procedures and processes in all aspects of payroll to include new employee forms, calculating pay, withholding and paying taxes, and preparing tax returns. The classes can be found on the APA website.

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Payroll 201: Payroll Administration Certificate Program

Offered by the American Payroll Association

San Antonio, Texas or Las Vegas, NV

Classes are held several times throughout the year at both locations.

The class is designed for employees who have the fundamentals of payroll and wish to improve job performance and gain more knowledge. The class gets more in-depth in all aspects of payroll to FLSA, taxable fringe benefits, paying non-resident and resident aliens, corrections to Form W-2 and 941. The classes can be found on the APA website.

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Jennie Pratt, CPA, CGFM
(405) 521-6160 jennie.pratt@omes.ok.gov

General Ledger:
Dan Thomason, CPA
(405) 522-4992 dan.thomason@omes.ok.gov 

Lisa Raihl, CPA
(405) 521-3258 lisa.raihl@omes.ok.gov 

Transaction Processing:
Steve Wilson
(405) 521-4679

Payroll Processing:
Elsa Kunnel
(405) 521-6178

AP Manager:
Patricia Garcia, CPA, CGFM
(405) 522-6855

ISD Finance:
Cathy Menefee, CPA, CGFM
(405) 521-6584

Vendor Maintenance:
Victoria Baker
(405) 522-3093

OMES Service Desk:
(PeopleSoft questions)
(405) 521-2444

Financial Reporting Unit:
Matt Clarkson, CPA
(405) 521-2759

Steve Funck, CPA, CGFM
(405) 521-3231

Steve Funck, CPA, CGFM
(405) 521-3231