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Oct. 30, 2014

Oklahoma partners with Texas for IT purchasing

States can now access one another's IT contracts

OKLAHOMA CITY — A Red River deal will save Oklahoma and Texas millions of dollars in technology purchases through an agreement brokered between the two state governments’ information technology providers.

The agreement puts each state on the other state’s preferred technology provider list, which allows both states access to one another’s technology contracts and services.

“Oklahoma and Texas are longtime rivals, but we’re proud to be on the same team when it comes to saving taxpayer dollars through innovative initiatives like this,” said Oklahoma Secretary of Finance, Administration and Information Technology Preston L. Doerflinger. “This deal drives down technology costs while simultaneously increasing technology options for agencies. Government can innovate when it tries and we salute our Texas colleagues for helping us prove that through this deal.”

Oklahoma saves money, lessens its workload and speeds up procurement when working with Texas to purchase information technology products and services, said Matt Singleton, chief operations and accountability officer for the Information Services Division of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services, the technology provider for Oklahoma state agencies and affiliates.

Texas has already negotiated several contracts with technology vendors, and since Texas orders in greater bulk than Oklahoma, the price is less per unit, Singleton said. It’s similar to a shopper saving money by buying macaroni in bulk from a warehouse as opposed to a box at a time from a supermarket.  Furthermore, since all contracts and services have already been procured under each state’s competitive purchasing processes and laws, administrative work and product delivery time is reduced.

“Right off the bat we’re getting a better deal out of this,” Singleton said. “Each state has done all this work, and we’re each going to take advantage of it.”

The deal has already paid off for Oklahoma, which recently used an existing Texas contract to lease 10,000 desktop and laptop computers from Dell for $2.2 million a year for four years. The arrangement includes an option to renew services and replace computers.

“This acquisition ensures that every four years, employees get a brand spanking new computer on their desk. It also makes it easier for agencies to budget for and spend less on technology by keeping costs fixed and predictable,” Singleton said, adding that Oklahoma saved money because of the amount of business Texas already does with Dell. “Oklahoma got a much better deal than we could on our own because Texas spends more with Dell alone than Oklahoma spends on all of our IT each year.”

Using the Texas contract for the Dell acquisition saved Oklahoma more than $3.1 million and a lot of time, Singleton said.

Texas also benefits from the Red River deal because cooperative purchasing drives down cost and increases vendor diversity for both states.

“Our partnership with Oklahoma shows the power of collaboration in technology purchasing, and we appreciate this opportunity for innovation with our neighbor to the north,” said Texas Chief Information Officer Karen Robinson, executive director for the Texas Department of Information Resources.

The Red River deal went into effect in July as a yearlong pilot program.

“It is already demonstrating success and we’re confident it will be renewed,” said interim Oklahoma Chief Information Officer Bo Reese. “Partnering with Texas helps OMES, in our role as Oklahoma’s unified technology provider, greatly enhance our ability to provide partner agencies with better technology options at competitive costs.”

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