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Instruction Manual

 Updated Statewide Accounting Manual is now on the Comptroller’s website

The former OSF Policy and Procedures Manual has been updated and renamed Statewide Accounting Manual.  The new manual is NOW AVAILABLE here

The manual reflects current policy and may be relied upon.  However, until May 31st, the manual is open for comments.  You are encouraged to review sections of the manual that are relevant to you and provide comments related to any of the following: 

  • Guidance that is not clear or wording that is confusing or ambiguous;
  • Policies that may be obsolete;
  • Policies or procedures for which you may have suggested improvements;
  • Words that should be defined in the Glossary;
  • Any typographical or other errors.  

Comments should be e-mailed to Stephanie.langs@omes.ok.gov.  DCAR will carefully consider each comment received.  After May 31, any changes will be incorporated and the manual will be finalized.


1099 Tax Information Quarterly Report

The first quarter of the 2014 tax year is now complete, and it is time for ALL agencies to run their Miscellaneous 1099 Tax Information Report which will include all transactions from Jan. 1, 2014, through Mar. 31, 2014.  The path for this report in PeopleSoft Financials is:  Accounts Payable/Reports/Payments/ Misc Tax Information Report. 

With this report please review the following:

  • Please pay attention to the 1099 Flag where Y means the vendor should receive a 1099 and N means the vendor should not receive a 1099, and submit any changes.  A 1099 will not be printed if the 1099 Flag is N.  A vendor does not need a 1099 if they are registered as a corporation, non-profit organization or government entity, unless the vendor is a provider of legal or medical services.
  • Make sure that the Name and Tax ID number (TIN) match the information on the vendor’s W-9.  Let us know if we need to add an additional name that will match with the IRS.  Only Name 1 prints on this report, but if you have an additional name for Name 2 it will be added to the vendor information and will print on the 1099.
  • Address 1 in the vendor file is the designated address for 1099 reporting.  If the 1099 Flag is N, only new addresses will be added but address 1 will not change. 
  • Review all warrants processed for each vendor and make sure all are accounted for.  (Any warrant corrections need to be made at the agency level.) 

Please send any corrections on this report to the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) by May 2, 2014.  If you have any questions contact Beth Brox at (405) 522-1099, or by email at Beth.Brox@omes.ok.gov.

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Payroll Warrant Cancellation Requests

To initiate the cancellation procedures for a payroll warrant, complete the OMES Form PWC (revised 08/13). Please follow all instructions when utilizing this form. 

For direct deposits, FAX the form to OMES at (405) 521-3902. The fax number for OMES is also located on the top of the form in the area for Oklahoma Payroll. Forms that are faxed to the wrong office (Treasurer’s Office or to JPMorgan Chase ACH Services) may not get processed properly and may not be cancelled from the employee’s payroll record. 

For paper warrants, attach the voided warrant to the form and send to OMES Transaction Processing, Room 122 at the Capitol. 

NOTE: The State Treasurer’s Stop Payment and Hard Cancel Form must not be used to seek cancellation and reissue of an outstanding payroll warrant. That form would only be used for lost or destroyed payroll warrants to be reissued.

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Payroll Processing and Submission Requirements – Reminder

IMPORTANT:  Agencies must submit payroll information to OMES by the established deadlines.  The deadlines are set for your protection.  Agencies failing to meet deadlines are putting their employees at risk of not being paid on payday.  The responsibility for late payroll is on the agency if deadlines are not met by the agency.  OMES is going to begin notifying agency Directors when payroll is not submitted by 3 p.m. five business days prior to payday. 

Agencies will submit the following payroll documents to OMES Transaction Processing:

  1. The final Budget Check Report
  2. The final Claim Document – signed
  3. The CA GL Interface Trace File  

Agencies that interface payroll (higher education) will submit the Validate PFT Funding Report if there is a Budget Deficit on the Final Budget Check Report 

All documents must be received five business (5) days prior to the actual pay date to ensure adequate time for audit and processing.  Once OMES receives the documents, the reports will be reviewed and the payroll will be released to be picked up by a process that sends the checks and direct deposits to the Office of State Treasurer (OST) for further processing.

Examples of the Process

Payroll documents must be received by 3 p.m. in order for payroll to be released to the OST file on that day.  If the paperwork is not received by 3 p.m., the payroll will be held until the paperwork is received.  

Original payroll documents are preferred, although legible faxes and emailed documents are allowed in lieu of the originals. If faxed documents are sent, follow-up of the original documents will not be necessary.  The payroll document faxes should be transmitted to (405) 521-3383. The agency must verify the transmission was successful by the confirmation on the agency’s fax machine. If submitting emailed documents, please submit email to payrolltransprocess@omes.ok.gov.  OMES will initiate the payroll claim processing procedure upon receipt of the faxed or emailed documents. If originals are used, send to the State Capitol attention: Transaction Processing, 2300 N Lincoln Blvd, Room 107, Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4801.  

New Contact Email Address for Submitting Payrolls Through Transaction Processing

The following email address should be used for submitting payroll documents to Transaction Processing for payment of payrolls.  This should also be used for general correspondence on issues involving the submission of payrolls. This is a group email that allows several Transaction Processing staff to receive the email notice.  payrolltransprocess@omes.ok.gov

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Reporting Requirements for Repayments of Prior Year Wage Amounts

Repayments from employees made in the current year (2014) that are for overpayments of wages in a prior year (2013 or before) must be repaid at the gross overpayment amount in accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations. A W-2C is required to be completed and sent to OMES. Only Social Security and Medicare wages and taxes are corrected on the W-2C. The employee must sign an IRS Form 843 in order for us to request a refund of employee FICA taxes.  If the employee will be seeking the refund themselves, the Form 843 is not required. DO NOT adjust Federal or State taxable wages or income taxes. The employee received and had use of the funds during the year of overpayment and, the amounts are taxable for federal and state purposes. The employee may be entitled to either a deduction or credit on their current year (2014) Form 1040. Please advise them to speak to their tax accountant. Additional instructions for Form W2-C are available on the IRS Web site. For assistance, contact Lisa Raihl at (405) 521-3258, lisa.raihl@omes.ok.gov or Jean Hayes at (405) 522-6300, jean.hayes@omes.ok.gov.

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Searching for Individuals using the Statewide Employee View

The Statewide Employee View functionality can be used to find any person in PeopleSoft HCM.  When trying to determine if an individual already exists in the system, please search by “National ID” (social security number). Searching with criteria other than National ID can cause an agency to identify a person that isn’t truly the one they want. Please review the search results carefully to ensure the individual found is who you need. The navigation is:  Home > Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Statewide Employee View (0491).

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Social Security Number Changes

If an incorrect social security number (SSN) has been entered into the HCM system, please contact the OMES HelpDesk to have the number corrected.  DO NOT create another employee in the system; this will only compound the issue.  Employees with multiple EmplIDs must have data combined onto the one correct record and requires many corrections and changes in the HCM system.

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NEW: Form I-9, Employment EligibilityVerification Employee Information Sheet

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has developed a Form I-9 Employee Information Sheet that employers can offer to new employees as an easy reference for their questions on Form I-9. The one page document has answers to commonly asked questions to assist new employees with filling in Section One of the Form I-9. The information sheet is available on the USCIS website.

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FY 2015 Electronic Payments

Paper warrant volume has declined by more than 65% over the last six years.  We anticipate that the total volume of paper warrants issued for FY2014 will fall below 1.5 million and projections for FY2015 expect volume to further decline below 1.2 million paper warrants.  Title 62 § 34.64H requires that funds disbursed from the State Treasury be sent electronically.   State agencies are able to request an exemption from this requirement with cause.  All exemptions that were requested and approved for FY 2014 will expire June 30, 2014.  The FY 2015 Electronic Payment Exemption Requests for an electronic document, can be found at the Treasurer's website and should be used by state agencies to seek an exemption for cause from this requirement.  Only requests submitted via this document will be considered.  

State agencies must complete and submit the Request electronically via email to Electronic.Payment.Exemption@treasurer.ok.gov. Each Request will be evaluated based on the information provided.  Each agency will receive a confirmation of the receipt of their Request along with a notification of whether the exemption(s) sought has been approved.  All FY2015 exemptions will expire on June 30, 2015.  Agencies should submit their Request(s) by May 15, 2014, to ensure the exemption(s) can be processed before July 1.   

Payments can be processed electronically and remain confidential, consequently, exemptions will generally not be granted for this reason alone.  If you have any questions about the requirement or the exemption process, please submit them to Electronic.Payment.Exemption@treasurer.ok.gov.  Additionally, the State Treasurer has statewide contracts available to state agencies for sending electronic payments via ach or via a debit card.   If you are interested, please contact Carole Bailey at carole.bailey@treasurer.ok.gov or (405) 522-4216.

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Encore Budgeting Project

Reminder: The State of Oklahoma (State) acquired the Oracle Hyperion software in May 2012 to replace its aging systems. These systems include: Budget Request System, PeopleSoft EPM (Budget Module), Governor’s Budget Book, Capital Budget, Strategic Planning and Performance Metrics. The goal of the ENCORE project is to implement the Hyperion Software in order to streamline the current budget, strategic planning, and performance management processes, as well as production of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

The state has partnered with Deloitte Consulting to implement the software, and this team is having design meetings with agencies with complex budgeting needs to ensure the software meets their needs for both budget and reporting detail functionality.  All agencies will be shown a prototype and offered extensive training on the system as benchmarks are met.

When the Hyperion tool is fully implemented, the State plans to retire PeopleSoft EPM and the Budget Request System. Hyperion will provide an integrated, end-to-end planning, budgeting, and performance management tool, substantially reducing or eliminating in many areas the need for offline budgeting tools and/or reducing duplicate data entry by allowing uploads from such offline tools as Microsoft Excel.  Further, Hyperion Strategy Management will serve as a tool for inductively engineering new statewide strategic planning and performance management processes. 

The OMES Budget Team will be contacting your agency soon to discuss the new system and try to answer any questions you may have.

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Financial BUZZ Announcement

In order to keep you – our end-users – up-to-date on the PeopleSoft 9.2 Financials Upgrade, OMES ISD Enterprise Business Services (formerly known as CORE) has enlisted some special assistance. If you are receiving the Financial Upgrade BUZZ announcements – you have already met “Upgrade” – your robot guide through the entire project.

Just in case you have not met him, he is set to being you all the latest and greatest information about the progress of the project. He will have information about training; answers to FAQs; what you can expect in the coming months and after go-live; and even interviews with some agency superusers and ISD-EBS staff about what they like best about PeopleSoft 9.2!

The ultimate goal is to bring a new, more efficient system to you, the end-user. In the coming months, you will get an in-depth look at each of these benefits and what they will mean to you:

  •  No More Crystal Reports
  •  A New Look
  •  In-Screen User Help
  •  Increased Performance
  •  Fewer Clicks!

Upgrade will also guide you through the major accomplishments of the project using a milestone map. This will provide you with information on where we have been, where we are, and where we are going.

He will also bring you screenshots, Tips and Tricks, and a Survival Guide for Go-Live!

To receive all the latest upgrade BUZZ, sign up for e-mail notifications.

Go to our website to catch up on the announcements you may have missed.

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Volume 24, Number 10
Fiscal Year-2014
April 15, 2014

In This Issue ...


AGA CPE Luncheons

The Oklahoma City Chapter of the Association of Government Accountants offers one-hour CPE luncheons almost every month throughout the year.  Luncheons are held in the Burk Burnett Board Room at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, 1700 NE 63rd.  The cost is $15 for members and $20 for non-members.  Mark your calendars for the following CPE events:

Apr. 16th:
11:30 - 1 p.m.
Speaker:  Mary Peterman, National AGA President
Topic:  Leading with a Smile

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Payroll Law 2014

Tulsa – April 16, 2014

Oklahoma City – April 17, 2014

Presented by National Seminars Training

For more information, please visit the National Seminar website. 

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Lisa Raihl, CPA
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Transaction Processing:
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Payroll Processing:
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Vendor Maintenance:
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OMES Service Desk
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Financial Reporting Unit:
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Steve Funck, CPA, CGFM
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Chris Forster, MPA CGFM
ABS Director
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