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Thank You

The State’s 2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is Now Available

OMES has completed the State’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for fiscal year 2013. We would like to thank all state agencies for providing timely and accurate financial information. We also want to thank the state auditor and his staff for their ongoing commitment to complete the audit of the state’s CAFR on a timely basis. And we once again want to thank the OMES central printing staff for their outstanding service while meeting tight CAFR printing deadlines. The CAFR is available online through OMES’s website.


Employee Tax Refunds

Employee payroll tax withholdings are not authorized to be refunded to an employee once withheld from their payroll. Refunds will not be given for those employees who did not submit a W-4 in time for payroll processing. All agencies should have a deadline for employees to submit W-4 changes. The effective date of the new W-4 will be the beginning of the next pay cycle for the employee. This is in compliance with IRS regulations. When the effective date entered is before the beginning of the next pay cycle, the system will recalculate the taxes already withheld for a closed period and this is not authorized by the IRS.

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Correcting W-2s

Corrected W-2 forms must be delivered to OMES by Feb. 21, 2014. Please send the original W-2, a copy of the corrected form, and a letter explaining why the correction is needed. If the correction is due to a statutory canceled warrant which is not to be replaced, please also send a letter asking that the warrant not be replaced. Note: Because a warrant has been canceled by statute is not a reason for such a W-2 correction. If it was a valid payroll payment, the employee is still entitled to a replacement warrant; therefore, the original W-2 is correct.

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Reporting Requirements for Repayments of Prior Year Wage Amounts

Repayments from employees made in the current year (2014) that are for overpayments of wages in a prior year (2013) must be repaid at the gross overpayment amount in accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations. A Corrected W-2 or a W-2C, as applicable, is required to be completed and sent to OMES. Only Social Security and Medicare wages and taxes are corrected on the Form W-2 or W-2C.

DO NOT correct Federal or State taxable wages or income taxes. The employee received and had use of the funds during the year of overpayment and as such, the amounts are taxable for federal and state purposes. The employee may be entitled to either a deduction or credit on their current year (2014) Form 1040. Please advise them to speak to their tax accountant. Additional instructions for Form W-2 and Form W2-C are available on the IRS Web site. For assistance, contact Lisa Raihl at (405) 521-3258, lisa.raihl@omes.ok.gov or Jean Hayes at (405) 522-6300, jean.hayes@omes.ok.gov.

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Submission of OMES Form 94P Tidbits

When submitting the OMES Form 94P, Overpayment Refund Request, please do not provide copies of personal checks.  The form allows the agency to enter the amount paid back which indicates to OMES that the overpayment has indeed been paid.  Additional back up data is not required.  

The form requires the State EmplID be entered.  This has been changed for the privacy and security of the employee. Please do not submit with the social security number or any other number. 

Please complete and submit the Form 94P as soon as the employee has paid back the overpayment to the agency.  Timely submission helps ensure full recovery of retirement amounts.  If the retirement system is not aware of an overpayment and the pending overpayment refund request, payouts to former employees may be incorrect and result in a loss to the agency. In addition, retirement calculations may be incorrect if the overpayment is not corrected timely.

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Timely Payroll Processing

As a reminder, the policy is that payroll claim documents must be submitted to OMES five days prior to the pay date.  This allows for system problems to be addressed and payroll processing to be completed timely.  

While most agencies are timely with payroll, some agencies have not met payroll deadlines in the past.  On rare occasions, OMES and OST have had to intercept the EFT file and manually change the effective date to ensure that employees are paid on time.  To do this, other agencies’ payrolls must be held for an additional day.   

OMES must have the payroll file to the OST by 4 p.m. each day, agencies must have payroll faxed to OMES by 3 p.m. 

Make sure your employees get paid on time.  Remember to consider holidays and leave time in your payroll scheduling.  Process payroll early!!! 

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1099 M Corrections

Please review the 1099's you receive and advise OMES of any changes which you determine necessary. A few blank 1099M forms will be included for you to make any necessary corrections and you may make more copies of the blank form if necessary. A fill-in type form for corrections is available in an Excel format upon request. If you have several corrections please contact me and we will be able to make the corrections and forward the new 1099s to you. Please return any changes to OMES prior to Feb. 21, 2014.

Please note the following procedures pursuant to such changes in the 1099 documents:

  • For missing addresses or address changes, send us a copy of the 1099 which includes the address you added or changed and include a notation as to the type of change.
  • For name or FEI/SSN changes, send us a copy of the original and the amended document so that we have appropriate reference to the changes.
  • For all transaction changes, please send us appropriate documentation which explains the nature of the amount changes.
  • Any changes that need to be made after Feb. 21, 2014, still need to be sent to OMES and we will forward the information to the IRS. 

In all instances, please make sure that your documentation includes enough information for us to understand your changes, the reasons for them and a contact person in case we still have questions.

Questions or comments should be directed to Beth Brox at (405) 522-1099 or Beth.Brox@omes.ok.gov.

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Change in 1099M reporting for Veterinary Services

Please note that due to provisions in the Affordable Care Act we have updated information regarding 1099MISC reporting with respect to payments made to veterinarians.  Payments made using account code 515530, Veterinary Services, are to be reported on a 1099MISC using box 6.  This ruling applies whether the veterinarian is incorporated or not and to the extent that payments amount to $600 or more in aggregate.

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Calendar Year 2014 P-Card Pay Cycle

The link below represents the actual dates of action associated with the P-Card payments.  For example, the date the p-card download from the Servicing Bank to the state system occurs each month, the date agencies can begin preparing their p-card vouchers, and the submission deadline for the vouchers received at OMES each month.

Calendar Year 2014 P-Card Pay Cycle

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Volume 24, Number 7
Fiscal Year-2014
January 13, 2014

In This Issue ...


OFMA Meeting - Jan. 23, 2014

The Oklahoma Financial Managers Association is planning its next quarterly meeting.  Seminars are provided free of charge.  To ensure an adequate number of training materials and refreshments are available, please register at: www.okfma.com

DATE:   Jan. 23, 2014
TIME:    1:30 - 4 p.m.
PLACE:  Business Conference Center Auditorium MetroTech Springlake Campus
1900 Springlake Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 

Preston L. Doerflinger - State Budget and OMES Consolidation

Gene Thaxton - Governmental Technology Application Review Board Overview and Telework Policy

Lisa McKeithan - Sub Grantee Reporting

Brenda Bolander - Retirement Planning

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ISD-CORE Launches Online Learning

The first installment in the ISD-CORE Training Video Tutorial Library, COR453 E-Pro Approver, provides the training required for users who need security access as E-Procurement Approvers in PeopleSoft.

The video tutorial takes less than 15 minutes to complete and includes a 10-question quiz. If you need security access as an approver, you are required to watch the training and pass the quiz with an 80%.

If you already have access and need a refresher, just choose the “Watch Video Only – No Quiz” option at the beginning of the training. You can fast forward, rewind, and, on most devices, you can even search the content for specific tasks by clicking the Table of Contents icon in the progress bar at the bottom of the video screen.

The video portion of the tutorial can be accessed from desktops, laptops, and most mobile devices. Some functionality, like the search and quiz, cannot be accessed or do not work properly on some mobile devices.

When you submit your answers for the quiz, click the “View Answers” link to see your results. Your score appears in the quiz bubble under the title. Quiz scores are automatically sent to ISD-CORE Training and entered into ELM.

Once the training is recorded and the appropriate security forms are completed and submitted, new users will be provided with access information from PeopleSoft Security.

Click on the link to access the training video and scroll to the bottom of the page. If you are new to video tutorials as a learning option, read the Introduction to Video Tutorials document, also located on that page, before you start.

Security forms can be found here. 

Also Available:
COR460 Time & Labor Timesheet.

Coming Soon!
COR460 Segue (video tutorial)

COR452 E-Pro Requestor (interactive learning module)  

Be the first to know when new learning is released by signing up for OMES-Alerts (Notifications). 

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