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PeopleSoft HCM Query for 633xxx Account Reconciliations

Imaging paper files to electronic

Public query ‘GO_PY_DED_RUNID_BY_CONFIRM_DT’ is available to assist with the reconciliation of agency 633xxx accounts. The query contains useful information such as deduction codes and descriptions for payee identification, the number of employees with a specific deduction, the total amount deducted for those employees and the general ledger 633xxx accounts to which the deductions were posted. The query is driven by payroll confirm dates, and system prompts allow the user to select a time frame for payrolls processed. Access to the query is included in the payroll processor role. Agency finance personnel will need to coordinate with payroll personnel to have this query run for them. For questions or more information, please contact Patricia Garcia at 405-522-6855 or or Lisa Raihl at 405-521-3258 or


Employee Direct Deposit Verification of Bank Routing Number

Agencies are reminded that employee bank deposit slips should NOT be used to get the bank routing/transit number for setting up direct deposit information. A voided check from the employee is the most reliable method. If the employee does not have a voided check or wants to deposit into another type of account, have the employee call the bank directly to get the routing/transit number. A bank routing/transit number should never start with the digit “5”. This indicates a branch of the bank and will cause the direct deposit to fail and not leave the state. A direct deposit that fails will not leave OST to be paid and additional processing by the agency will be required to pay the employee.

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Employee Direct Deposit Verification of Account Number

In addition to bank routing number errors, an incorrect bank account number could cause significant delays in the employee’s receipt of his or her paycheck. Many banks do not reject bad account number deposits until after the pay date. This means the deposit for the rejected deposit may not be returned to the state for several days after the pay date. A replacement warrant cannot be reissued until the money is returned to the state. Please check and double check when entering employee direct deposit information into the HCM system.

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Searching for Individuals using the Statewide Employee View

The Statewide Employee View functionality can be used to find any person in PeopleSoft HCM.  When trying to determine if an individual already exists in the system, please search by “National ID” (social security number). Searching with criteria other than National ID can cause an agency to identify a person that isn’t truly the one they want. Please review the search results carefully to ensure the correct individual is found. The navigation is:  Home > Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Statewide Employee View (0491).

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Accounting Shared Services

Each year OMES is required to evaluate agencies for the cost effectiveness of their accounting transactions and contract with certain agencies.  OMES’ Agency Business Services (ABS) currently contracts with 56 state agencies to provide services in the areas of

  • Procurement
  • Accounts Payable
  • Clearing Account Reconciliations
  • Budget Work Programs
  • Direct Journal Deposits
  • Accts Receivable & Billing (through PeopleSoft)

Forty-four of these agencies contracted with ABS voluntarily because it met a specific need determined by the agency.  Other contracts have been a result of the legislative mandate.  OMES would much prefer to contract with your agency at your request in a time of need, rather than due to the mandate. 

In this period of tight agency budgets, shared services are a savings opportunity for agencies.  When an accounting employee retires or moves to another position, the timing may be right to save by using shared services.  The monthly rate for shared accounting services is typically much less than the salary and benefits for a full-time FTE.

ABS processes transactions at the agency’s direction.  They do not make management decisions for you.  The management of the agency is still in control.

For more information on shared services or to set up a meeting to discuss specific services for your agency, contact Steven Hawkins at 405-521-4249 or

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Agency Special Accounts and 700 Funds

Over the next few months, OMES will be reviewing activity in 7xx funds and ASA accounts to ensure that the funds are being used for the specified purposes for which the accounts were established.  In addition, cash controls preventing negative balances in 7xx funds will be phased in agency by agency.  This means that you will not be able to post a voucher that would cause the cash balance to decrease below zero.  Agencies may want to review the Summary of Receipts and Disbursements to see if they have been overspending the cash in their 7xx funds historically.  If your agency has concerns or issues regarding the cash controls, you need to contact Central Accounting and Reporting immediately.  E-mails concerning this topic may be sent to

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Volume 26, Number 9
Fiscal Year-2016
March 8, 2016

In This Issue ...


AGA Luncheons for 2016

The Oklahoma City Chapter of the AGA holds CPE luncheons most months between September and April as well as two all-day CPE events.  The luncheons are held in the Burk Burnett Board Room at the Oklahoma Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum on NE 63rd Street between Kelly and Martin Luther King Boulevard.  The luncheons begin at 11:30 a.m. and end at 1 p.m.  Cost is $15 for AGA Oklahoma City Chapter members and $20 for non-members.  The luncheons are recommended for one hour of CPE.  Mark your calendar for these upcoming luncheons.

  • Mar. 16 - Speaker: Brenda Bolander
    Topic: Retirement Planning
  • Apr. 27 - Speaker: Rebecca Goza
    Topic: Internal Audit

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OKFMA Next Quarterly Meeting

Mark your calendars for the next Oklahoma Financial Managers Association quarterly meeting Thursday, April 7, 2016.  Seminars are provided free of charge.  To ensure an adequate number of training materials and refreshments are available, please register at:

Date:   April 7, 2016
Time:   1:30 - 4 p.m.
Place:   Business Conference Center Auditorium
MetroTech Springlake Campus
1900 Springlake Drive
Oklahoma City, OK

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State Comptroller:
Lynne Bajema, CPA

Deputy State Comptroller:
Steve Funck, CPA

Jennie Pratt, CPA, CGFM

General Ledger:
Dan Thomason, CPA

Lisa Raihl, CPA

Transaction Processing:
Steve Wilson

Payroll Processing:
Elsa Kunnel

AP Manager:
Patricia Garcia, CPA, CGFM

ISD Finance:
Cathy Menefee, CPA, CGFM

Vendor Maintenance:
Victoria Baker

OMES Service Desk:
(PeopleSoft questions)

Financial Reporting Unit:
Matt Clarkson, CPA

Steven Hawkins, CGFM

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