MakingWaves: DEC Division of Water News

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The Division of Water has posted new announcements on its webpage. Go to the Division of Water webpage ( to read the latest information.

Summary of What's New: 

  • Reminder -- Volunteers for Stream and River Monitoring Wanted: DEC is looking for citizen scientist volunteers for stream and river monitoring as part of the Water Assessments by Volunteer Evaluators (WAVE) project. Volunteers visit stream sites once between July and September to collect macroinvertebrates -- insects and other small organisms -- from the rocks and rubble on the stream bottom.

    In 2014, volunteers can participate by joining a local WAVE group led by a trained local coordinator, or by sampling independently. Volunteers working under a trained local coordinator do not need to attend a training session; however, volunteers who want to work independently must attend a training session.

    WAVE training sessions rotate around the state on a five-year schedule, targeting those basins that will be sampled by DEC's Stream Biomonitoring Unit the following year.

    Three training sessions remain for 2014: June 14 in Esperance, June 21 in Wyoming and June 29 in New Hartford.

Blue-Green Algae Bloom Notices

  • New information about lakes with blue-green algae bloom notices has been posted today, June 13, on DEC's Blue-Green Algal Bloom Notices webpage.

    This week, 10 waterbodies were added to the notification list, and blooms were reported in several locations in the state. This information is provided from about 82 waterbodies sampled in the last two to three weeks by DEC monitoring programs, volunteers and public reports.

    Because waterbodies may have blue-green algae blooms that have not been reported to DEC, we recommend avoiding contact with floating rafts, scums, and discolored water -- If you see it, avoid it!

  • Avoid yucky water!

    Summer vacation is almost here and kids will be in the water. Protect yourself, your family and pets by avoiding contact with blue-green algae blooms.

    Blue-green algae blooms can look like white, blue or green spilled paint; green streaks on the surface of the water; green dots in the water or green globs on the surface of the water; and pea soup.

    To learn more about what blue-green algae looks like, visit DEC's photo gallery of green and blue-green algae.

  • Report a suspected bloom

    If you suspect you have seen a blue-green algae bloom, or you, your family or pet has been in contact with a blue-green algae bloom, please follow instructions for reporting a bloom to DEC