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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER  –  February 4, 2016

Upcoming Events



March 7-8, 2016

Charter Schools Advisory Board Meeting


April 16,  2016

SECU Scholarship Information due to Office of Charter Schools


NCDPI Office of Charter Schools Updates


Charter Schools Advisory Board Meeting


The North Carolina Charter Schools Advisory Board will meet next Monday and Tuesday, March 7-8, 2016 in the 7th Floor Board Room, Education Building, 301 N. Wilmington Street, Raleigh.


Attached below is the tentative agenda for the upcoming CSAB meeting. The CSAB committees will discuss policy changes that impact charter schools. The materials for the meeting are available by accessing the following links:


Monday, March 7, 2016


     Tuesday, March 8, 2016



    If you wish to listen to the CSAB deliberations, you can access a livestream link to the meeting at Live Audio Streaming of the Advisory Board Meeting.



      Attachment:  CSAB March Agenda


    Shaunda Cooper, Education Consultant,  Announcement



    The Office of Charter Schools (OCS) is pleased to announce that we have added a new member to the team!  Primarily, Ms. Cooper will lead the Charter Amendment process and work on the Communications Team. Ms. Cooper is a welcome addition to help OCS continue to work more efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of the State Board, Charter Schools Advisory Board, and the NC charter school community.

    NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) Updates


    Charter School 2016-17 Initial Maximum and Allotted Average Daily Membership (ADM) Projections


    The Division of School Business has posted the 2016-17 initial projections at  “Maximum and Allotted ADM for Charter Schools”. 


    The document provides the 2016-17 projected number of students each charter school submitted through the Charter School ADM Projection System (CSADM). The column labeled “Initial Max funded ADM” is the maximum number of students the charter school will be funded for in 2016-17.  Also provided, is the number built into the budget (“Budgeted ADM”) and the potential number of student funds that may be transferred from LEAs for individual charter growth above 15% (“Potential transfer from LEAs”). The notes tab provides an explanation of each of the columns. 


    Virtual charter schools students who were previously home schooled remain in the budget.  Local Education Agencies (LEAs) will be reduced for students in membership that exceed the budgeted ADM.


    The Division of School Business will confirm the projected ADM through the CSADM system in June. Charter schools will be allowed to make adjustments with a justification.  Also in June, charter schools who are expected to grow greater than 15% will be required to provide information on LEA of residence for the 2016-17 students.


    Any questions or concerns should be directed to Angela Harrison at

    158 Charter Schools Submitted 2016-17 Average Daily Membership (ADM) Projections before Scheduled Deadline


    The Division of School Business would like to thank all charter schools for their prompt submission of the 2016-17 ADM projections.  Data was requested with a one week submission window and ALL charter schools provided the required data before the deadline! 


    The ADM data collection is critical  in developing the State education budget and the timely submissions ensure we build the budget on the most recent data.  In addition, not having to use limited DPI staff time on non responsive schools enables us to use our time on more productive pursuits.


    We just wanted to take this time to recognize your efforts and to let you know that your efforts did not go unnoticed.

    Thank You

    Finance Officers' Updates



    Attached below is the Finance Officers' Newsletter.  Please review the information and contact the individual listed in the newsletter with any questions or concerns.



    Attachment:  Finance Officers' Newsletter

    Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement Conference (CCSA) Update



    The CCSA features a gallery of professional development and information sessions for educators, policy makers, innovators and community members with an interest in innovative practices to improve educational outcomes for students of today and tomorrow.


    The conference takes place on March 21-23, 2016 at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC.  This conference features 250 sessions that may be of interest to districts and charter schools. Topics include: K-12 learning standards, K-12 online and blended learning structures, policy, research, accountability, student engagement and more. The NCDPI Office of Charter Schools (OCS) will be hosting a full day (morning and afternoon focus sessions) at the CCSA to provide an opportunity for charter school leaders to come together to learn and network.


    Attached below is a preview of featured presentations for the CCSA conference.



    Attachment:  CCSA Conference Updates

    CCSA: Collaborative Conference for Student Achievement

    School Allotment Section - Allotment Revision #027 Update


    The School Allotment Section completed Allotment Revision#027 on 02/24/2016. This Revision contains allocation adjustments for PRC#001, PRC#002, PRC#003, PRC#010, PRC#013, PRC#014, PRC#015, PRC#016, PRC#019, PRC#024, PRC#027, PRC#031, PRC#034, PRC#036, PRC#038, PRC#042, PRC#043, PRC#049, PRC#050, PRC#054, PRC#060, PRC#061, PRC#063, PRC#069, PRC#091, PRC#103, PRC#104, PRC#105, PRC#109, PRC#110, PRC#111, PRC#118, PRC#119, and PRC#130.


    You can view the revision amounts for each PRC by completing the following steps:


    1.    Login to the School Allotment System with your NCID and Password.  If this is your first time 

           logging into the School Allotment System, it will prompt you to subscribe


    2.    Select 'General_Reports' tab


    3.    Select the '10 Revision Amount for One Year and PRC - Dollar' to view revision amounts by LEA#

           and Revision# - For State PRCs, in the 'Site Map' page, under State Allotment


    4.    Select the '10 Revision Amount for One Year and PRC' to view revision amounts by LEA# and

           Revision# - For Federal PRCs, in the 'Site Map' page, under Federal Allotment


    5.    You can view the purpose of each revision by clicking the + sign for Revision Note' below the select

           year box


    6.    You can export the report to Excel file by clicking the link 'Export to CSV' above the rows count in the



    Please contact Lydia Prude @ with questions or concerns.

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    Other News

    FREE Vision Screening Training for Charter School Staff and Volunteers

    Purpose: Over 35,000 school children across NC are referred for possible vision problems and more than $200,000 in free eye exam vouchers are provided each year through Prevent Blindness of NC programs (PBNC).


    Training Content: PBNC will provide training at a time and place convenient for charter school staff and volunteers.  Each participant will receive information and tools outlined below to begin school vision screenings:

    ·         Training manual and quick reference materials

    ·         FREE vision screening charts (age-appropriate and scientifically validated)

    ·         Parent and Teacher communication letters

    ·         Data Collection forms

    ·         Access to PBNC financial resources for referred children whose families cannot afford 

              professional eye care


    ·         Vision Screening Certification valid for 2-years

    PBNC would like to be a partner with your charter school by providing a vision screening training program for staff and volunteers.  Please contact Erin McCord with questions, concerns, and to schedule a training. 


    Contact Information:

    Erin McCord

    Prevent Blindness

    919-676-9511 (Home)

    919-623-6074 (Cell)