Sustainable Raleigh News: Volume 1, Issue 5

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Economic Strength...Environmental Stewardship...Social Equity.

City of Raleigh Employee Food Drive

Raleigh Employee Food Drive Delivers!

City of Raleigh staff found an innovative way to participate in Activate Raleigh Day of Service: they donated to the inaugural “Drop a Few Pounds for Good” Employee Food Drive. The 10-day event culminated on September 11 and yielded 2,754 pounds of non-perishable food items and dry goods, donated to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina to provide 2,319 meals to people in various communities.

Propane Cruiser

RPD Adds Propane Cruisers

On the heels of a successful two-year pilot program running police cruisers on propane, Raleigh Police Department will convert an additional 30 cruisers. The converted vehicles are dual-fuel, capable of using both propane and gasoline. At less than half the price of gasoline per gallon, cruisers using propane have already saved the City $126,000 in fuel costs.

Walkable Watershed

Raleigh Wins Walkable Watershed Plan Funding

Raleigh is the next pilot community for the Walkable Watershed Concept Plan. This initiative is a new opportunity for local governments and community organizations to prioritize both water quality and the quality of life in urban, underserved neighborhoods. The project is awarded and led by Skeo Solutions, a national leader in providing community-based planning.

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Fast Charging

East Coast Fast Charging

North Carolina State University takes bragging rights for installing the first fast-charging station for electric vehicles on the East Coast. One of the hurdles to electric car usage is how slowly the battery charges, but rapid-charging technology could change that mindset,” says Ewan Pritchard, a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Mickey Fanney EAB Chair

Environmental Advisory
Board Elects Chair

Mickey Fanney was recently elected Chair of the Environmental Advisory Board (EAB), an all-volunteer board established by City Council in 2006. The EAB advises Council on environmental quality and promotes communication between governmental and the public on environmental protection standards and policies. It also supports the annual Environmental Awards, recognizing outstanding work in environmental stewardship. Learn more about the Environmental Awards and sponsorship opportunities.

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CompostNow! collects food scraps across the Triangle, servicing homes, offices, cafes, and restaurants.  Each week, CompostNow picks up your food scraps, composts them, and provides nutritious soil to local community gardens such as Raleigh City Farm and Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. It's simple, clean, odorless. Learn more and get your bin.

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Sell Fuel Economy

Used Car

Planning to sell your car? Advertise the fuel economy.  Keep in mind that aftermarket modifications can affect fuel economy, especially those that change the vehicle's weight, aerodynamics, or wheel/tire size. Find out the fuel economy of your vehicle.


Sustainability Reminder

Energy saved from recycling one aluminum can could operate a computer or TV for three hours, and a six-pack saves enough energy to drive a typical car five miles.




5 - Worm Composting #147249 Millbrook Exchange Community Center 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
$30 fee includes worms;
register by October 1.
Contact: Bianca Howard


16Shred and Recycle Events
North Hills East (near Harris Teeter)
8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Contact: Linda Leighton


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