Sustainable Raleigh News: Volume 3, Issue 4

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Economic Strength...Environmental Stewardship...Social Equity.

Megan Anderson

City Appoints New Sustainability Manager

Megan Anderson began her role earlier this month as the City of Raleigh’s new sustainability manager.

“The interview panel was extremely impressed with the depth and variety of knowledge and experience that Ms. Anderson possesses,” said Assistant City Manager Tansy Hayward. “Not only does she have strength in environmental education and environmental stewardship in facility operation, but she has unique experience in community engagement through her experience nationally and internationally.”

This ABC11 interview offers a glimpse of Anderson’s perspective on the City’s sustainability efforts.

Blount Street Art

Art Along Blount Street Celebrates History

The Raleigh Arts Commission’s Art Along Blount Street public art project celebrates the cultural history of the East Raleigh-South Park National Historic District. Creative, colorful banners by 10 different artists on utility poles from Cabarrus Street to Shaw University will be on display through December 2015.

Biofuels Welding

Biofuels Production

This year the City of Raleigh is growing 50 acres of sunflowers, and 10 acres of soybeans fertilized with Class A and Class B biosolids.

As part of a NC Department of Agriculture grant and partnership with the Office of Sustainability, fabricators are creating a robust, mobile, self-contained biodiesel processor that will enable the Public Utilities Resource Recovery Division to extract the oil from these seed crops and convert it to biodiesel for use in its fleet. The City will conduct a field demonstration event to showcase the equipment in operation after its expected completion in September.

Sustainable Restaurant

Sustainable Restaurant Research

Ever wondered what your favorite local watering hole does behind the scenes? Us too. The Office of Sustainability is working on a project to better understand sustainable practices of restaurants in the Raleigh area. If you’re aware of a business we should include in the conversation, send an email to let us know.


Up Periscope

Now you can discover the Raleigh community on your mobile phone in real time through the eyes of City of Raleigh staff. The Public Affairs and Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources departments are experimenting with broadcasting events and places via Periscope’s live-streaming app, connecting with audiences in an interactive, shared experience. To catch the action, download Periscope and follow @RaleighGov or @raleighparks on Twitter for notifications.


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Monarch Milkweed Program

At the City of Raleigh’s Annie Louise Wilkerson, MD Nature Preserve Park near Falls Lake, 100 new milkweed stems planted by volunteers serve as a way station for the tiny orange and black aviators. The project is part of a national campaign to rescue the monarch, which has suffered a steep population drop in recent years. Milkweed is vital to the survival of monarchs, which lay their eggs in the plant. The caterpillars that hatch from the eggs are the pickiest of eaters; a monarch caterpillar feeds exclusively on milkweed for two weeks before attaching itself to a stem or leaf and transforming into a pupa and finally a butterfly.

Solar Installation

Solar Shines in Raleigh

At No. 23, Raleigh is among the nation’s top cities when it comes to solar installations, according to a new report from BuildZoom. The report analyzed 75 million building permits from across the country to rank the top 40 cities by the estimated number of solar power systems per capita.



Manufacturing the 28.6 billion PET water bottles the United States uses annually uses the equivalent of 17.6 million barrels of oil. Kick the bottle habit; carry a reusable one instead and fill up with Raleigh’s award-winning tap water.




5, 12, 19, 26  - Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market

City Plaza on Fayetteville Street

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.


2, 9, 16, 23, 30 - Raleigh Downtown Farmers Market

City Plaza on Fayetteville Street

10 a.m. - 2 p.m.


7 - City Holiday


26 - Volunteer Stream Monitoring Program Workshop

Walnut Creek Wetland Center
950 Peterson Street, Raleigh

10 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Free; register at (919) 996-3940 or


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