You Asked for It: The RTAP Process is Getting an Efficiency Upgrade!

A Message From Code Enforcement

You Asked For It: The RTAP Process 

Is Getting an Efficiency Upgrade!

Later this month, field-driven RTAPs, or Revisions to Approved Plans, are going to be quicker and a little more convenient for our customers.

When an inspector identifies work in the field that will require a Revision to Approved Plans, the customer's project team will automatically receive an e-mail informing them why the RTAP has been required, and providing a link to upload any additional documentation that may be needed. We're doing this with an upgrade to our inspectors' software -- when the inspector notes that an RTAP is needed on his or her tablet, the e-mail notification will go out instantly.

Who gets the e-mails? 

Depending on the project, the e-mail may be received by the contractors or design team. If the RTAP will require an additional plan review, the appropriate staff in our office will also be informed.

The idea is to keep everyone on the customer's project team up-to-date, so you can move as quickly as possible to address the issue. 

What happens next?

You don't need to do anything to take advantage of this new feature -- we're doing all the work behind the scenes. We'll remind you again about this new service when it becomes available.