Ward One Newsletter, February 2015

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February 2015


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Council Member's Message


An exciting update to the City’s Creative Vitality Index was presented to the Council on January 14. This was the first annual update to the data that debuted in the 2013 report and it showed that the Minneapolis area arts sector has moved from sixth to fifth place in the rankings of top metropolitan areas, right behind Washington, D.C, Los Angeles, New York City and Boston. This is significant news both for our City and for Ward One, which continues to be an important piece of Minneapolis’ overall creative economy.


Diversification is one of the elements that make our local creative economy so strong. Just as the production of a play requires not only a playwright, but also a director, a set designer, a stage manager, a light board operator, actors, scene painters, costumers, box office staff, marketers, and myriad other roles, so the creation and distribution of art of all kinds causes a ripple effect in the economy, creating employment and generating income.  In 2013, the creative sector infused $831 into our City’s economy, a 13 percent increase over 2011. Currently our creative sector employs nearly 20,000 workers, making up 5 percent of all jobs in Minneapolis.

Diversification is definitely the story of the creative economy on Minneapolis' Eastside, where we have a multiplicity of artists, supporting organizations and arts-related businesses. As we have also seen in the First Ward, the more businesses and economic activity generated by the arts, the more demand is created for investment in basic services and infrastructure. At the same time, this enhanced economic activity creates greater capacity to fund these service and infrastructure enhancements.


This is great news, but it doesn’t mean that we can rest on our laurels. We need to further understand the importance of diversification and we need to identify more ways in which City government, public institutions and organizations, and the private sector can work together to support and encourage continued growth and collaborative policy-making. The Creative Vitality Index is an important tool in this work, since you can’t assess what you can’t measure.


To read the complete update, please visit http://www.minneapolismn.gov/www/groups/public/@clerk/documents/webcontent/wcms1p-136002.pdf.

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