The 2015 Budget

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December 11, 2014

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The 2015 Budget

Last night, the City Council adopted the City’s 2015 budget. There have been many honest, difficult conversations over the last couple weeks, but in the end, I voted with the majority of Council Members to approve the budget on a 12-1 vote. I want to thank every one of my colleagues for so diligently representing their constituents. I especially want to thank each and every person who called me, wrote me, or grabbed my ear while out in the neighborhood. What I like best about representing Southwest Minneapolis is that we all have a big city vision—one that serves everyone in the goal of a more unified city. As an elected official, my job is to balance the needs of 13th Ward residents with the needs of the city as a whole and those areas of our city that need disproportionate investment.

When I first sat down to look at the details of Mayor Hodges’ proposed budget, I had two priorities: lowering the Mayor’s 2.4% property-tax levy increase to provide relief to 13th Ward constituents, while at the same time ensuring our budget reflects the values, goals and vision for the City outlined by the Mayor and the City Council when we took office back in January. I believe we’ve succeeded on both fronts.

First, the Council voted to lower the Mayor’s proposed levy increase from 2.4% to 2.1%. This is a savings of approximately $800,000. During my year on the campaign trail and my year in office, the most common concern I’ve heard from 13th Ward residents is that property taxes are too high. While the City has not increased spending dramatically over the last decade (in fact, it has frequently cut spending), rising property values in southwest Minneapolis have continued to push more of the property tax burden on 13th Ward residents. I will continue to fight for middle class families trying to make ends meet, as well as for seniors struggling to age in a place on a fixed income. I share Mayor Hodges’ goal of growing our City, and we must make an effort to not only welcome new residents in but to keep our current residents here.