Ward One Newsletter, September 2014

Ward 1 News from Minneapolis Council Member Kevin Reich
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September 2014


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Council Member's Message

On August 29, I presented a resolution to the City Council declaring the week of September 8 to be “Cooperatives Week” in the City of Minneapolis. This resolution not only honors Minneapolis’ well-established history of creating and supporting cooperative businesses, from the formation of the first barrel-making cooperative in the 1870s, but also acknowledges that our city was the site of the National Cooperative Business Association’s 2014 Purchasing Cooperatives Conference and Annual Cooperative Conference this week. Click HERE to read the resolution.

Leaders from cooperative businesses and organizations nationwide converged on our city to discuss the national and global state of the cooperative movement. The keynote speaker was Dame Pauline Green, the president of the International Cooperative Alliance and a former Cooperative Member of the European Parliament.

This gathering was an important event for our state, which leads the nation in number of cooperatives, and for our city. Indeed, the message behind the cooperative business model – that people can work together, sharing resources and governance, to strengthen their communities – has significant value for all of us. Just in the First Ward we have seen the positive results wrought by the work of the Northeast Investment Cooperative in contributing to the revitalization of Central Avenue. Eastside Food Co-op, Minnesota Climbing Co-op and the newly opened Fair State Brewing Cooperative are other examples of cooperative businesses bringing value and economic vitality to Eastside Minneapolis.  

I have been hosting a series of community forums this year exploring how the cooperative business model can be a tool for community and economic development. The first was held at Aki’s Bakery in June and the second was held September 10 in conjunction with the NCBA Conference (see the story below for more details). Stay tuned for the third in the series, which will be announced later this year.

Kevin Reich