Announcing the Toolkit for Neighbors of New Construction

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July 1, 2014

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Emily Ziring, Senior Policy Aide

Ken Dahler, Policy Aide

One of my priorities as your City Council Member is leading a citywide conversation on new housing. While 13th Ward communities have been experiencing new residential construction in a concentrated way, I would like to encourage housing growth across Minneapolis in a context-sensitive way that respects both new and existing residents. In March, I initiated a moratorium on new infill construction (commonly referred to as "teardowns") in five neighborhoods. While the moratorium was lifted with the implementation of a new Construction Management Agreement, that was only the first step in addressing many of our residents' concerns.

Thank you to everyone that participated in this process, from community meetings to resident and industry focus groups. This newsletter provides brief updates on some of the things I've been working on.

Toolkit for Neighbors of New Construction

My office, in conjunction with the City's Department of Community Planning & Economic Development (CPED), is pleased to announce the release of “The Toolkit for Neighbors of New Construction.” This document is designed to equip neighbors with the information needed to prepare for and handle any issues that may arise during the course of residential infill construction. Sections include:

  • Who’s who in City government when it comes to construction?
  • Steps recommended to prepare for construction
  • Handling common construction management issues
  • What to do if you experience property damage

While the Toolkit was put together by my office, it is intended to be useful to all Minneapolis residents.

As a reminder, each residential building or wrecking permit that is issued after April 14, 2014, requires the permit holder's signature on the Construction Management Agreement. This document holds builders accountable to 25 provisions intended to build good working relationships between builders and neighbors.