Fireworks: Report 4th of July fireworks noise complaints to 311—keep 911 open for emergencies

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Minneapolis City of Lakes

Fireworks reports can be made via 311 online, through mobile app, and by phone; call 911 for fireworks-related life safety or fire hazard concerns.


Fourth of July fireworks are part of many people’s Independence Day celebrations, and the noise complaints and safety issues they generate lead to high call volumes at 911 call centers across the country. That’s why the City of Minneapolis and its police and fire departments want to make sure folks know what to do if they have fireworks-related complaints this summer.


On a typical 4th of July evening, Minneapolis 911 will receive 300-400 calls per hour, most of which are related to fireworks noise complaints. On a normal day, Minneapolis 911 will receive fewer than 100 calls per hour. Because of the huge volume of calls, police officers cannot be dispatched to each fireworks noise incident on or near the 4th of July.


Minneapolis 911 increases staffing during this busy period, but folks can help make sure emergency calls are answered as quickly as possible, by not calling 911 with fireworks noise complaints. Instead, noise reports can be made online, through the 311 mobile app or by calling 311.


Reducing the number of noise complaints to 911 will help ensure that 911 emergency calls are answered as quickly as possible, and that all emergency responders are available to respond to calls about more serious crimes, fires and medical emergencies.


Residents should note that 311 is closed Friday, July 4 and open from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Saturday, July 5 and Sunday, July 6, but the mobile application can be used any time to make a report. City staff will review the complaint and may follow up with the property owner the complaint is about, but a police squad will not be dispatched.


For fireworks-related issues that pose life safety threats or fire hazards, residents should call 911 and police, fire or medical help will be dispatched.


Examples of calls that should go to 911 include:


• A situation where a person has been injured by fireworks

• airborne fireworks landing on a building or wooded area posing a fire risk, or

 • when the size of the fireworks gathering and the unruly behavior of the people involved



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