Ward 8 Update Newsletters April 22, 2014

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April 22, 2014

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Early Mornings with Elizabeth!

Ending Homelessness: A Community Imperative

Friday, April 25
Turtle Bread, 4762 Chicago Ave S

Please join us on Friday, April 25, for Early Mornings with Elizabeth where we will address the important issue of ending homelessness. We will talk about the barriers to accessing services and sustaining permanent housing, the challenges with various service delivery models such as drop-in shelters and transitional housing programs, and the challenges for people who are homeless in their encounters with law enforcement.

We are excited to welcome our speakers: Gail Dorfman, Executive Director of St. Stephens Human Services, Anne Kent, In Reach Case Manager at YouthLink, and Rocki Simões, Program Manager of GLBT Host Home Program with Avenues for Homeless Youth.

How do we continue to build momentum around efforts to end homelessness, and empower those who have experienced homelessness? Efforts range from getting state bonding for more supportive and affordable housing, to new initiatives like Duluth’s Homeless Bill of Rights, to partnerships resulting in decriminalization of homelessness in downtown Minneapolis, to focused efforts around the goals of Heading Home Hennepin: the 10 year plan to end homelessness.

Please join us for an enlightening discussion and ways that together we can better understand the shift of paradigm in managing homelessness to ending homelessness.