Ward 8 Update March 6, 2014

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March 6, 2014

Public invited to comment on City values, goals that will guide City work for next four years  

One Minneapolis

The Minneapolis City Council is in the process of approving the City’s vision, values, goals and strategic directions that will guide the City’s work for the next four years.

Ward 8’s Early Mornings with Elizabeth program on February 28 was devoted to presenting the goals and inviting dialogue. You can view the goals at www.minneapolismn.gov/citygoals and you can submit written comments about the goals to citygoals@minneapolismn.gov through March 14.

The values identified by the council include equity, safety, health, vitality, connectedness, and growth. The draft goals are:

  • Living well: Minneapolis is safe and livable and has an active and connected way of life
  • One Minneapolis: Disparities are eliminated so all Minneapolis residents can participate and prosper
  • A hub of economic activity and innovation: Businesses, big and small, start, move, stay and grow here
  • Great Places: Natural and built spaces work together and our environment is protected
  • A City that works: City government runs well and connects to the community it serves

Some of the greatest attention and comments to date have been more focused on how the goals will be achieved – how will we track and measure results, and share with the public our progress? As part of our goal setting process I will make a motion asking staff to develop measures and report on the goals annually to the City Council and residents.

How else will the goals be used? Each department will use the goals to create their business plans; as well, the budget – which is drafted and proposed by the Mayor – should reflect the goals in how resource decisions are made.

I look forward to sharing more about the city’s strategic goals and how those goals can drive results in the coming months.


Elizabeth Glidden

Elizabeth Glidden


Urban Scholars: application deadline is Friday, March 14, 2014

Urban Scholars Logo

The City of Minneapolis is extending the application deadline for its leadership development summer internship for college students interested in public service careers. Students interested in the 2014 Urban Scholars summer internship should apply online at www.minneapolismn.gov/urbanscholars by Friday, March 14, 2014. 

The Urban Scholars program seeks to help young people from diverse backgrounds build their professional and leadership skills for the future in the public service sector. To be eligible, students must have completed their first year of post-secondary education prior to the beginning of the internship and be enrolled and in good standing at a two- or four-year college or university, graduate school or law school.

The 12-week program is a full-time paid internship experience that runs from May 2 to Aug 15. Urban Scholars will work in City of Minneapolis departments and participate in events focused on building networks, skills and opportunities. 

The Urban Scholars leadership development summer internship is one component of the Employment Equity Division of Minneapolis Civil Rights, which aims to close the employment gap in a city and metro area that suffers from one of the highest disparities between white and non-white workers in the country.


Energy Pathways Study Presents Recommendations for Better Energy Future in Minneapolis.

Energy Logo

The City Council recently received a consultant’s report that recommends how the City can achieve its ambitious energy goals. The City of Minneapolis energy system goals include carbon and energy savings, equity of energy services, local economic development and a reliable supply of energy. 

This report – the Energy Pathways Study - identifies innovative, pragmatic ways the City can coordinate with its two investor-owned energy utilities, Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy, to help meet these objectives. 

The study helps frame the future franchise negotiations with Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy, as well as the City’s work to get more clean-energy options for consumers. The City currently has utility franchise agreements with Xcel Energy for electricity and CenterPoint Energy for natural gas. These agreements, which were signed in the early 1990s, both expire at the end of 2014. 

Recommendations from the report include negotiating a shorter franchise agreement than the current standard of 20 years, and working with utility companies to develop “partnerships” or enhanced franchise agreements that would allow for oversight and benchmarking of energy goals and program usage in the areas of equity, energy efficiency, reliability, and renewable energy use.  

Ready for a deep dive into energy policy?  You can read the report at www.minneapolismn.gov/energyfranchise (link to Energy Pathway Study in lefthand column).


MnSure Community Workshop


Central Area Neighborhood Development Organization (CANDO) and the Bryant Neighborhood Organization are co-hosting a Community Workshop about MN SURE.
The registration deadline for MN SURE is March 15, 2014; this workshop will provide more information about MN SURE and there will be on sight navigators to help folks sign up in the computer lab.
Details are:

MN SURE Community Workshop

Saturday March 8th, 2014, 11 am-1 pm

Phelps Park 701 East 39th Street

Join us at this important event and help spread the word!


Report on Minneapolis Snow and Ice


We appreciate your patience and your valid concerns as we deal with a very difficult long and cold winter. The driving and walking conditions across the City and metro are difficult to say the least.
Here are some things that Minneapolis Public Works is doing to address the snow and ice on our streets:

  • When it snows, plowing and treating streets is the first priority. When there is snow in the forecast, Public Works will first prioritize clearing the snow.
  • Ice, which is bonded to the streets, is a major problem. These areas are everywhere, but are particularly problematic downtown and anywhere else the pavements are mostly in shade. The chemical deicers the City uses are not effective at temperatures below 15 degrees. So while we continue trying to treat the streets, the best our crews can do is chip away at the ice until we see significant, long-term rises in temperature. During that time, crews are focusing their efforts in areas with higher traffic volumes and/or speeds. The slightly higher temps forecast in the next few days should help.
  • Public Works crews are also going into the residential streets to try to clean up the even sides of the streets where we had problems during the last snow emergencies. The thick snowpack and bonded ice will remain there for a while. If we get any warming, the hard-pack can sometimes "fluff up," making it look like it snowed again, or crews were never there to plow. Crews are also dealing with alley plowing concerns as they arise.
  • Public Works, Police and Fire, as well as Metro Transit are still working to evaluate, prioritize and determine what to do with snow emergency routes that are narrowed. Plowing crews are already addressing some from Metro Transit, day and night, when they're able. As for non-snow emergency streets, Public Works and Regulatory Services Traffic Control are working together to enforce the Winter Parking Restrictions where appropriate. These restrictions - while frustrating for many - are necessary to ensure emergency response vehicles have enough space to make it down the streets. Remember that until further notice, or April 1, do not park on the even numbered side of non-Snow Emergency routes unless otherwise posted.
  • Crews are working on an aggressive corner clearing operation. Just prior to the February 17 snow emergency, crews had worked to clear almost all of the approximately 16,000 corners, but after getting another 15 inches of snow since then, the corners were all filled in again. Please don't hesitate to report our concerns through 311 (and you can do this online at www.minneapolismn.gov/311) or by calling the Ward 8 office. Thank all of you for your patience as Public Works employees strive daily to keep our streets open.

Please don't hesitate to report our concerns through 311 (and you can do this online at www.minneapolismn.gov/311) or by calling the Ward 8 office. Thank all of you for your patience as Public Works employees strive daily to keep our streets open.


Seward Community Co-op Community Meeting: March 18

On Tuesday, March 18th, 6-8 pm, Seward Co-op will host a community meeting at Sabathani Community Center, 310 E 38th Street, 2nd floor gymnasium.  At this meeting Seward and neighbors will continue to discuss ways in which Seward and the community can work together to build a grocery store that best serves everyone. 

Seward would like to hear ideas on such topics as how the community classrooms can be used, what products should be on the shelves, and ways in which Seward can incorporate the history of the neighborhood into the design of the store. 

The event will be facilitated by Yvonne Cheek, president of the Millennium Consulting Group. The co-op will provide light snacks and beverages. Childcare and Spanish-language translation services will also be available.  More information available at http://seward.coop/posts/friendshipsite


Celebrate NanoDays™ 2014

Nano Logo

Join neighbors to Celebrate NanoDays 2014 at Sabathani Community Center, 310 East 38th Street, Minneapolis, MN. April 5, 2014, 1-5 pm. The event is presented by SELF International in cooperation with NISE Net, (Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network) the Science Museum of Minnesota, and the Horizon Youth Program.

Visitors will explore capillary action and non-Newtonian fluids, investigate new nano products and materials, and imagine what society might be like if we all wore invisibility cloaks! Other activities include using electricity to make a nickel coin look like a penny, and a program about Robots & People. Other activities include an I Spy Nano game and nano thin films. There will be hands-on experiments, drawings and prizes, and refreshments.

The event is free and open to the public. Advance registration is appreciated but not required to attend. Registration requests can be sent to: Bobby Lay, Horizons Youth Program, at boblay@Sabathani.org. For more information about NISE Net or to download a digital NanoDays kit please visit: www.nisenet.org/nanodays. For more information about Nano please visit: www.whatisnano.org.


Watch your mailbox for 2014 property value notice.

Do you know the value of your property? The City of Minneapolis is mailing 2014 property value notices to all property owners in Minneapolis starting this week. 

On the first page of the property value notice there is a section titled “Appealing the Value or Classification of Your Property.” On this page, folks will find the phone number of the appraiser who’s assigned to their property and who they should contact if they have questions about their assessed value.

If you disagree with the estimated value for your home, you do have several options available:

  • First, call the Assessor's Office to discuss your concerns with a deputy assessor responsible for valuing your property. Explain why you believe your property value is less than that indicated on the statement. The deputy assessor can explain how the property value and classification were determined.
  • Appeal to the City Board of Appeal and Equalization: www.minneapolismn.gov/boe
  • Appeal to the Hennepin County Board of Appeal and Equalization: www.hennepin.us/residents/property/property-value
  • Appeal to the Minnesota Tax Court: www.taxcourt.state.mn.us

For more information visit the City Assessor’s website at www.minneapolismn.gov/assessor.


Help Support Sabathani’s Food Drive

From March 1 thru April 7, 2014, Sabathani is participating in a food drive with other locations. By getting your March Campaign Food Drive donations to Sabathani by the deadline of Monday, April 6th, Sabathani will receive matching incentive contributions from Minnesota Food Share and the Feinstein Challenge for all March food and financial contributions!!  

Our regular Food Shelf hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m at Sabathani, 310 E 38th Street.  Contact Kevin Sanders at 612-821-2302 (w), 651-276-9646 (d), or via email: sccfoodshelf@sabathani.org to answer questions, assist in planning your food drive, or to schedule your drop off time and ensure food shelf staff will be available to assist you.

You can also make financial donations directly to Sabathani at www.sabathani.org.  Thank you for your help!


Help shovel out your block’s fire hydrant

The Minneapolis Fire Department and Public Works are asking for the public’s help in clearing snow from around city fire hydrants. Firefighters and Public Works crews clear the snow around some fire hydrants as time and resources permit but are always looking for folks to lend a hand if they can, especially with the snow the city has received this winter. 

Minneapolis has more than 8,000 hydrants, so there’s probably at least one on your block. When clearing the snow from around the hydrants make sure they’re easily assessable in case fire crews need them. 
For more information about shoveling in Minneapolis visit www.minneapolismn.gov/snow/shovel.