Ward 8 Update July 19, 2013

News of the 8th Ward

July 19, 2013

Early Mornings with Elizabeth 

Friday, July 26 7:30 - 9am
Turtle Bread
4762 Chicago Ave S
In the Pizza Biga Room 
Join us this month as we discuss the City’s work to better serve seniors as well as develop a city-wide senior housing strategy. Our state has an aging demographic and Minneapolis is creating a citywide plan to address the opportunities and challenges Minneapolis faces with an aging demographic.

We are joined this month by Christina Kendrick, Senior Community Specialist, Tom Streitz, Director of Housing, and senior community residents Wayne Glanton and Tom Powers who will share their perspectives.  We look forward to an engaged discussion about serving our elders!


Meet Elizabeth at Sabathani, Every Week!

Since elected, Elizabeth has hosted weekly community office hours at Sabathani Community Center, in the heart of the 8th Ward, to meet with residents and discuss their concerns.  
Elizabeth’s Community Office hours are every Monday, 9-11 am, at Sabathani, 310 E 38th Street, outside of Room 129.  Please stop by or call the Ward 8 office if you would like a time certain appointment.  You can reach us at (612) 673-2208 or elizabeth.glidden@minneapolismn.gov

Thank you to Sabathani for its generosity in allowing Elizabeth to host office hours for the community at that location!


Help “Get Out The Vote” as a Voter Ambassador

Your City Your Vote

As a Voter Ambassador, you can help get out the vote for the November 5th municipal election. Ambassadors will be trained in basic election law, registration and voting procedures, and Ranked Choice Voting so that they can provide information and resources to friends, neighborhoods, and civic circles. 

The City will supply precinct maps, sample ballots, and RCV-specific guides to answer frequently asked questions. These materials will be made available in multiple languages to facilitate effective outreach to all voters. If you’d like to be part of the Voter Ambassador Program, please contact Anissa Hollingshead, at (612) 673-2296 or by email at anissa.hollingshead@minneapolismn.gov. Help get out the vote for this year’s election.

And, the city now has a website for all things ELECTION!  Check it out for all of your election needs at vote.minneapolismn.gov.


Central High School Celebrates 100 Years on August 10, 2013

Please join the Minneapolis Central High School Centennial Reunion Committee for the 100th Anniversary of Central High School, celebrated Saturday, August 10, 2013, 11:00 am- 2:30 pm at Central Park Gym (former Central High gym)/Richard Green Elementary School 3416 4th Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN.  This is a FREE event, with refreshments provided. 

About Central High 
The history of Central High is unique. The first school board for Minneapolis was established in 1860 and Central High was born. Minneapolis was not incorporated as a city until six years later. Central was in 3 locations prior to 1913.The public school building stood for 69 years at 34th Street & 4th Avenue South. 

Reunion Information
Guest speakers will include Mayor Rybak, Eighth Ward Council Member Elizabeth Glidden, and former Mayor of Minneapolis and Eighth Ward Alderwoman Sharon Sayles Belton, who Is a 1969 graduate of Central High.  Alumni and former teachers are invited to attend and remember their school, demolished in the early eighties.  Limited edition merchandise will be available and memorabilia will be on display.  
Able to volunteer or just want more information?  Go to www.mplschs.org or contact J.A. Pedersen at centralhigh66@yahoo.com or 612-866-0282. 


Host Families Sought for Pakistani Exchange Students

Powderhorn resident Kayci Rush is asking for your help to find host families for students from Pakistan; hosting would start in late August and go through the school year.  The Senator Kennedy-Luger YES program, which was begun after 9/11, is a scholarship program for students from over 35 countries with significant Muslim populations.  The program is highly competitive and students are selected based primarily on their future leadership potential.  

This program aims to o build bridges between Muslim and American youth through a year of living with a host family.  The U.S. State Department created this program as youth from primarily Muslim countries are often low income and not able to participate in traditional student exchange programs.  

Interested in being a host family for 2 girls from Pakistan or finding out more?  Contact Kayci Rush at kayci.rush@gmail.com.


Join WE WIN’s Walk for Educational Excellence July 27

We win logo

On Saturday, July 27th, starting at 10 am at Lake Calhoun, WE WIN will host its 4th annual Walk for Educational Excellence, highlighting the importance of a quality education for all children. 

WE WIN Institute is a community based organization dedicated to creating academic and social success for all children. The focus is at-risk, urban youth who face tremendous challenges in school and in their communities.  WE WIN serves many Ward 8 children and families and is located at 3805 3rd Ave S. 

Support WE WIN’s work by joining the Walk for Educational Excellence or sponsoring the walk.  Want to contact WE WIN or find out more about its programs?  Go to www.we-win.org for more information. 


Minneapolis Holds Public Hearing August 1 on forming a municipal utility

On Thursday, August 1, at 10 am, the City Council will conduct a public hearing during its Committee of the Whole meeting on whether to authorize a ballot question on potential acquisition of utility (gas and electric).  The City Council would then vote at its August 15 Committee of the Whole meeting on whether to authorize the question for the ballot.

You can participate in the public hearing by appearing in person to speak, Aug 1, 10 am, at City Hall, 350 South 5th Street, Room 317 (Council Chambers).  Speakers will be allowed up to 2 minutes for public comment.  As many people cannot attend in person, public hearing comments are also accepted at cityclerk@minneapolismn.gov.

Minneapolis’s utility franchise agreements with Xcel for electricity and CenterPoint for gas service expire at the end of 2014.  To date Minneapolis is aggressively exploring ways it can make progress toward its energy goals including for clean energy through the franchise agreements and outside of its energy franchise agreements.  Council Member Glidden fully supports these aggressive steps to move to clean energy and achieve other energy and environment-related goals. 

State law currently limits Minneapolis’ authority over franchise agreements, which unlike contracts are not free negotiations between two parties; under state law, franchise agreement allow cities to negotiate about how much they are paid for the use of public right of way.  Minneapolis is seeking legislative changes to better allow progress toward our energy goals through our franchise agreements. 

One of the options Minneapolis for its energy future is exploring municipal utility.  To date, Minneapolis has authorized a study that will provide information on how Minneapolis can meet its energy goals with its franchise agreements, including helping us understand what is involved in moving to municipal utility. The results of that study will be reported to the City Council in February of 2014. 

Final language has not yet been presented to the public on the ballot question authorizing the city to pursue municipal utility.  Should this question be authorized, and then approved by the public’s vote in the coming election, it would not require the city to implement a municipal utility.  Rather, it would provide formal authorization to the city to implement municipal utility at a future date. As well, it is likely that the public would take a separate vote to approve financing if the city did move farther down the path for municipal utility; city charter requires that the public get to vote on whether to approve bonding for large public projects. 

State law changes will be required to fully explore any change municipal utility.  In the early 1970’s, Minnesota adopted a state law that requires that cities moving to municipal utilities pay utility companies not only the fair value of their assets and energy distribution system, but also for lost revenue or profits.  Although we have many municipal utilities in Minnesota (Rochester is the largest), no municipal utilities have been established in Minnesota since this 1973 state law was approved.  In short, Minneapolis cannot fully explore municipal utility until this state law – with unreasonable cost requirements for cities to acquire utilities – is changed. 

Check here for more information about the City’s energy utility franchise agreements, including preparations for negotiation and proposals for changing state law; here is an update from Council Member Glidden about the city’s work to provide cleaner, more sustainable energy options for Minneapolis Consumers including through utility franchise agreements.