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Building Resilience Conference 
December 8, 2015

Corporate Campus

 St. Louis Community College, 3221 McKelvey Road, Bridgeton, MO 

Register today to attend the Building Resilience Workshop sponsored by the Missouri Department of Economic Development.  You may attend either of both of the workshops with lunch in between. Registration is limited – so don’t wait!

Morning Session: The ROI of Resilience in Economic Development
8:00am – 12:00pm

Resilience is a form of economic development that can provide material benefits for business and local government.  The morning session explores resilience in three areas.  First is the increasing necessity of including resilience due to changing climate and increased risk of severe weather in the Missouri. The second portion focuses on the economic benefits of resilience and how resilience building improves the climate for investment. Last, learn how to measure and monetize the benefits of resilience.  The morning workshop will benefit state and local government, economic developers, regional planning corporations, lenders and community development organizations. 

Lunch Speaker: 12:00pm – 1:30pm 
Economic Resilience
Jeremy Stone – Executive Director, Recovery and Relief

Economic resilience is not something that occurs after a tornado or flood strikes, but is an everyday approach to economic development that diversifies and integrates the local economy. This discussion describes how resilient economic development can reduce future economic exposure to hazards while increasing short-term revenues and gains. It also describes the importance of collaboration with the non-profit sector and relevant agencies to further economic objectives while improving resilience.

Afternoon Session: Building on Our Assets – A Resilience Building Grant Opportunity for North Saint Louis County 

1:30pm – 4:30pm

The afternoon session is aimed at organizations interested in participating in building economic resilience for residents in North St. Louis County.  The Missouri Department of Economic Development, in partnership with St. Louis County and the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, are Phase 2 applicants in the National Disaster Resilience Competition funded by HUD.  Competition winners will be notified in January, 2016. The Building on Our Assets Program focuses on improving housing and employment opportunities in North St. Louis County.  The goal is to improve the economic resilience of citizens so they are able to build assets to withstand whatever stress comes their way. We are looking for organizations that offer unique approaches, are driven by community input, and willing to innovate.

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