November 2013 Sprockets Newsletter

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November 2013 Newsletter

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Making Meaning With Multiple Data Sets

On Dec. 3, representatives from 40+ youth-serving organizations will come together to analyze multiple data sets, including attendance/participation, program experience, youth outcomes, and quality practices, that will inform their program improvement plans. Sprockets is one of a handful of citywide OST networks supporting programs to examine data in this holistic way.

Making Meaning with Multiple Data Seta

Neighborhood Network Team Meetings

Neighborhood Learning Community

Tuesday, Nov. 26, noon to 1 p.m. at Baker Rec Center

East Side Network Cafe

Monday, Dec. 9, 10 to 11:30 a.m. at Dayton's Bluff Rec Center

North End and Friends

Thursday, Dec. 12, 9:30 to 11 a.m. at Rice Street Library

Leap Forward Collaborative for Youth

Tuesday, Dec. 17, 10: 15 a.m. to noon at Rondo Library

Learn more about Neighborhood Network Teams.

Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership

Spotlight: Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership

The Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership program at Women's Initiative for Self Empowerment encourages young immigrant and refugee women to advocate for themselves and dream big, whether that means attending college or serving as a U.S. senator.

Report: Success Principles for Afterschool Arts Programs

Wallace Report Afterschool Arts

How can high-quality arts programs attract and retain low-income urban tweens? This Wallace Foundation report offers some answers, including 10 principles for developing effective programming.

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Professional Development Opportunities

Foundational Skills Workshop: Yoga Calm

Facilitator: Kathy Flaminio, 1000 Petals, LLC

Monday, Dec. 9
10 a.m. to noon
Jimmy Lee Rec Center

Hands-on skills and activities to reduce stress, prepare students to learn, and create a calm and more productive after-school environment

Click for class descriptions and registration; keyword search "Sprockets."

Watch this page for more professional development opportunities!

Program Finder Update

Find programs now

Program providers, we recently incorporated your Program Finder feedback to allow you to distinguish between "Free" vs. "Scholarships available" activities; be sure to log in and select the appropriate boxes so your offerings show up in searches. Contact us with any questions!