Reminder on wastewater conference, note on calculator

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On Point - News and updates for wastewater discharge permit holders

Reminder: Wastewater conference March 25-27

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) will hold the 78th annual Wastewater Operations Conference March 25-27 at the Marriott Northwest in Brooklyn Park.

Highlights include:

  • A & B exam refresher;
  • C & D exam refresher;
  • Certification examinations; and
  • Operator Awards Ceremony

Other topics include leadership, new technology, climate adaption, stabilization ponds, sewer cleaning and televising, emergency response, and much more.

In addition, several vendors will have exhibits for participants to visit.

eDMR update: MPCA working to resolve calculator inaccuracies


Based on comments from permit holders and from MPCA enforcement staff, the agency has found that its eDMR calculations are not always accurate. It appears that maximum calendar week average values for CBOD and TSS may sometimes be calculated incorrectly, especially for permits that require twice-per-month sampling. There may be problems with other maximum calculations too.

Because the problems occur randomly, they require more investigation to resolve. MPCA’s priority at this time is testing and preparing the new eDMR and calculator services. Because of this priority, corrections to existing services may take additional time.

Until the MPCA announces that the existing calculations are fixed, the agency urges you to review the results of all MPCA calculations to ensure you report valid numbers on your eDMR. Also, be sure to look at the calculated values to ensure they make sense. For example, if the pH is calculated as 20, that can’t be correct. Remember to double-check the numbers because no matter the tool used to do the calculations, permitees are still certifying the DMR data.