Criteria Pollutant Emission Fees – Estimated 2015 Dollar-Per-Ton Rate

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Criteria Pollutant Emission Fees – Estimated 2015 Rate

The MPCA collects annual fees, required by the Clean Air Act, to cover the costs of the Act and state air programs. We calculate each facility’s fee by multiplying its billable criteria emissions by a calculated dollar-per-ton rate.  Facilities typically receive an invoice for their annual air emissions fee between late-February and April. The MPCA has estimated the 2015 rate to provide information for facilities planning their 2015 budgets. The estimated dollar-per-ton rate for the 2015 fee year is $86.00. This estimate is subject to change and will be finalized in January 2015. For more information, see our website,or contact Kari Palmer at 651-757-2635 or Nate Edel at 651-757-2332.