Feedlot NPDES News, January 2014


January 2014

NPDES feedlot permit annual reports due March 1

Annual report forms for livestock farms with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits are now available on the MPCA feedlot program website. Completed forms are due March 1. Links to the form are located on the feedlot program main page, and permits and forms webpage, or download the document. Manure application and/or transfer of ownership records in the report should cover the Sept. 1, 2012-Aug. 31, 2013 cropping year. If you have an e-mail address, be sure to list on the first page

Paper copies of the report may be requested by contacting the MPCA regional offices. The office phone numbers are listed on page 5 of the report. For farms that do not transfer manure, land application records can also be generated using the MPCA excel based Manure Management Planner under Create Crop Year Records. These record forms may be used and submitted instead of the Records for 300 or More Animal Units form. A link to the planner is located on the feedlot program Nutrient and Manure Management webpage.

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Wall calendar helps track routine feedlot inspections

The 2014 edition of the feedlot inspection record-keeping calendar is now available on the feedlot program main webpage and publications webpage. Download the calendar and post it in the office, and use the daily check boxes to record regular inspections of water lines, weekly basin inspections and depth mark readings, storm water and runoff controls, and perimeter tile inspections monthly. The calendar notations would fulfill those NPDES/SDS record-keeping requirements. A limited number of printed copies will be available at the MPCA booth at Pork Congress.

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2014 feedlot calendar

Meet MPCA feedlot staff at Pork Congress trade show

Livestock producers and others attending the Minnesota Pork Congress Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 14 and 15, at the Minneapolis Convention Center are welcome to stop by the MPCA feedlot program booth. Staff will be available at booth number 208, located near the main entrance, to answer questions and and provide information about the program. Publication handouts include "Manure Application Rate Guide," "Applying Manure in Sensitive Areas," and "Manure Nutrients - Short Plan." The popular window clings showing manure land application setbacks will also be availabe. Staff scheduled to attend include: Wayne Cords, Sara Isebrand, Allie Remer, and Forrest Peterson. MPCA feedlot staff also will be at the Ag Expo Thursday, Jan. 9, in booth 54 at the Verizon Center in Mankato.

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Winter prohibits liquid, restricts solid manure land application

winter land app

All feedlot owners and operators with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits are encouraged to check their permits for applicable requirements for manure application onto frozen and snow-covered soils.

After Dec. 1, NPDES permits prohibit applying liquid manure to frozen or snow-covered soils unless there is an emergency situation beyond owner control. If an emergency occurs and liquid manure is applied to frozen or snow covered soils, the feedlot owner must call the State Duty Officer within 24 hours of the application. The field where the emergency application of manure occurred must be identified in a manure management plan previously approved by the MPCA.

NPDES-permitted sites applying solid manure on frozen and snow covered soils after Dec. 1 must not apply manure when there is active snowmelt or when there is a probability of more than .25 inches of rain forecast. There is a 300-foot setback from sensitive areas, and fields must be pre-approved in the manure management plan.

All producers should plan ahead and apply manure in the fall (when it can be incorporated into the soil) in the 300-foot setback zone around sensitive areas. Several websites provide information about soil temperature for the 50-degree or below requirement at a depth of six inches: Department of AgricultureU of M-Waseca, U of M-Lamberton, and U of M-Crookston

U of M-Extension article: What's the big deal with winter spreading of manure? 

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Early contact, complete applications speed permit process

In order to ensure timely issuance of feedlot National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits, the MPCA feedlot program strongly advises applicants to contact the agency well in advance of submitting an application. We welcome and encourage advance discussion by phone or in person. This will greatly support timely permit issuance.

The MPCA feedlot program also will continue past practice for processing applications that are “component complete” (necessary plans included, check, signed application, etc.), but may be missing some information.  If an application is “component complete,” a technical review of the application is conducted and a letter sent to the applicant notifying them of any missing information. The 150-day clock will begin, and the missing information must be supplied within 30 days from when MPCA first received the application, or it will be returned. For updates on the permitting process and feedlot rules in general, periodically check the MPCA feedlot program webpage, and also sign up for the Feedlot Update newsletter via GovDelivery.

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Feedlot program information contact:

Forrest Peterson
Public Information