December 2015 Industrial Stormwater News

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Welcome to the Industrial Stormwater Program, December 2015 Newsletter! 

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Featured article: first quarter sampling is over; how did it go?


Of the 1,365 permittees with sampling requirements who submitted a sampling form on time (due October 21, 2015), 72% collected a stormwater sample and submitted sample results and 28% submitted a “no flow” explanation. 

Of the 1,099 Total Suspended Solids sample results collected between July 1 -September 30, the state-wide average was 75.8 mg/L as compared with most permittees’ permit benchmark value of 100 mg/L.

There were a number of precipitation events during that quarter which may have “flushed away” some pollutants.  Inspections and BMP maintenance may drop in colder months; spring’s “first flush” tend to show a more realistic stormwater discharge picture than late summer or early fall. 

Can’t collect a sample?  At the end of the quarter, you must submit a sampling form with an explanation as to why a sample was not collected.

Please do not send in laboratory testing lab results with your sampling form! 

The first quarter of sampling was July – September 2015 as required for any facility that received permit coverage on/before June 30, 2015. Anyone who applied after that date should have started their first sampling quarter on October 1, 2015.  

We are in the second quarter of sampling requirements for most permittees.  The sampling quarter is October, November, December.  The sampling form is due no later than January 21, 2016. 

To access your sampling form, go to the Permit Information Access page. 

More more information on sampling requirements can be found within "Step 9, Sampling" web page, part of the 10 Steps to Industrial Stormwater Compliance.