For review: proposed modeling strategy and Air Monitoring Network Plan

Air Mail bulletin

Proposed strategy for Title V NAAQS modeling available for review

The MPCA is providing the opportunity for you to review and comment on the draft document “Proposed National Ambient Air Quality Standards Modeling Strategy.” The draft document can be found on the Air Quality Dispersion Modeling guidance, policies, and practices webpage, under the header “Guidance for air quality dispersion modeling.” 

You may provide comments on the draft document to the MPCA Air Quality Modeling unit via email at The MPCA will accept comments on the draft document until the close of business on August 5, 2015. Please feel free to contact the MPCA Modeling Unit if you have any questions about the proposed revisions.

2016 Air Monitoring Network Plan available for review

The 2016 Air Monitoring Network Plan for Minnesota is available for public inspection through August 10, 2015.

The purpose of this annual report is to demonstrate compliance with air monitoring network regulations, to describe proposed changes for the upcoming year, and to provide specific information on each of Minnesota's existing and proposed air quality monitoring sites. Details regarding the location of individual sites, monitoring objectives, and proposed changes are provided. Data for several pollutants are summarized to show current conditions relative to state and federal air quality standards. The plan also provides an overview of the various air quality monitoring networks operating in Minnesota.

For more information, please call Rick Strassman, MPCA Air Monitoring Unit Supervisor at 651-757-2760.

The plan and instructions for submitting comments are available in electronic format on the MPCA website. To request hard copies of the plan or instructions, please contact Kellie Gavin by phone, mail, or email: Kellie Gavin, Environmental Analysis and Outcomes Division, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, 520 Lafayette Rd N, St. Paul, MN 55155, 651-757-2379,