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March, 2014

OHE in the news!

Bemidji Pioneer-Higher ed Commissioner Pogemiller visits BSU: Talks future of state funding for colleges, tuition freeze (3/20/2014)

Minnesota Daily-Dayton budget proposal would help students (3/24/2014)

The Burgeoning State of Higher Education in Minnesota (3/20/2014)

OHE's 'guest post' on Minnesota Department of Education's Blogg[ED]MN 

"Minnesota is not only the land of 10,000 lakes, it is also home to nearly 200 colleges and universities and over 450,000 postsecondary students. When considering numbers this large, trends can be difficult to spot – especially when you consider the massive amounts of higher education data that is collected statewide and nationally...

Seventy-one percent of first-time, full-time undergraduates depend on grants and scholarships to pay for their education. Increasing enrollment numbers highlight the importance of the Minnesota State Grant, which provides need-based grants to over 100,000 Minnesotans, helping them avoid the burden of heavy debt that can come with rising tuition and decreased earnings."

Research and Data: Basic Data Series

The Office of Higher Education maintains a database with enrollment and demographic information on all students enrolled in every public and private institution in Minnesota during the fall. This data is tabulated annually in the Basic Data Series. This data is compiled into a report with enrollment data for each postsecondary institution. 

Five-year summaries are provided for each institution on: 

  • full-time and part-time enrollment, 
  • enrollment by gender (image posted below) and 
  • total enrollment of new entering students.

Data are provided for the most recent year on: 

  • residence of students, 
  • level of instruction, 
  • participation rates from high school and 
  • racial/ethnic background.

77 percent of new postsecondary students graduated from a Minnesota high school in 2012.

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Take a peek: Five-Year Enrollment Summary [State Universities] by Gender below. Click for more data!