MN OHE- February Newsletter


February, 2014

OHE in the News!

MPR: On Campus Blog-Minnesota College Enrollment Rate Jumps (2/21/2014)

Hometown Source- Minnesota college students to see increase in grant awards (2/14/2014)

Minnesota Measures 2014-

Minnesota Measures 2014 provides a resource of accurate, timely and comprehensive facts about higher education in Minnesota. A variety of data sources are utilized to cross check on the veracity of the data. Producing a useful and high quality public resource is part of the mission of the Office of Higher Education.This year there are five new indicators: high school to college transitions, trends in full-time enrollment, enrollment of international students, tuition reciprocity and employment and earnings by level of educational attainment.

Minnesota Measures 2014 indicates that between 2003 and 2011 the percent of high school graduates who enrolled within two years after graduation increased from 68 percent to 78 percent. Enrollment rates for the graduating class of 2012 will likely exceed 79 percent after enrollment data from 2013-2014 is included. Commissioner Larry Pogemiller said a 79 percent college participation rate within two years of graduation is excellent news, and the fact that most of those students began school the fall following graduation will also likely bolster completion rates. “These numbers, coupled with the increased high school graduation rates just announced, are both positive indicators that Minnesota is making good progress on improving access to higher education,” said Pogemiller.

Also new to MN Measures 2014, is an infographic highlighting outstanding insights:

Originally found on the Lumina website- Minnesota: Focused on Affordability and Accelerating Completion (2/14/2014)

"[t]he historic higher education funding package enacted last year made significant strides toward holding the line on the cost of college, expanding access and reducing debt for Minnesota students. With an approaching labor shortage, we cannot afford to have even one Minnesota student or family believe higher education is out of reach. This year, our state halted the trend of disinvestment and took the first steps toward changing the legacy for this generation of students from staggering debt and limited opportunities, to a postsecondary education that is more affordable and attainable. That is an investment in Minnesota's future worth making, one with the potential for a significant economic and social return."

Financial Aid Toolkit-

A resource to look out for from the U.S. Department of Education!

The U.S. Department of Education developed a toolkit to assist financial aid counselors, college access professionals, mentors and school administrators help students and families in filling out their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is complete with federal financial aid information and outreach tools.

According to a report prepared by the Office of Higher Education in 2011, 77 percent of Minnesota resident undergraduates completed the FAFSA in the fall of 2009. Nationally, the reasons students cited for not completing the FAFSA include not thinking they would qualify, they found the form long and confusing and they had no need for federal student aid. Over the past three years, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education has significantly increased its efforts to make more students and families aware of the need to fill out the FAFSA.