The SEGIP Report Volume 8, Issue 2 - June 2015

The SEGIP Report state employee group insurance program. An employee newsletter, volume 8, Issue 2 - June 2015


New SEGIP Report format


We are pleased to introduce our new format for the SEGIP Report. It was designed to help you get the most out of your insurance benefits. It's shorter and will be published more often. The Open Enrollment edition will still be mailed to your home address.


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The SEGIP Report, an employee newsletter by the state employee group insurance program. Volume 8, Issue 2 - June 2015


You can find all previous issues of the SEGIP Report on the SEGIP homepage under About Us.


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Long-Term Care Update


SEGIP will no longer be able to offer new enrollment in group Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi) beginning February 1, 2016. Our current insurance carrier, CNA, will no longer accept new enrollees beginning this date.



Please note the following:


  • Members who are already insured under the CNA policy may continue their coverage after February 1, 2016 as long as they continue to pay premiums.
  • For new hires, newly insurance eligible and other employees that want to add LTCi coverage prior to February 1, 2016, submit your paperwork to CNA at its M-Pel website or call them at 1-888-653-9600 for more information.
  • SEGIP will not be adding replacement LTCi at this time.

Retirement University



Senior Plans - Retiring at 65+


Senior Plans are available to retiring state employees age 65 or older. These plans provide medical coverage that coordinates with or supplements your Medicare A & B coverage. They also include a Medicare D drug benefit.


To enter the Senior Plans, you must take the following steps:


  1. If you or your spouse deferred enrollment into Medicare A and/or B, you must enroll in both by the first day of the month following your retirement.
  2. Complete and submit the state’s Continuation of Coverage Upon Retirement form with the help of your Human Resources department. 
  3. Watch your mailbox for the arrival of the state’s Senior Plan enrollment kit. This will come from your selected carrier: BCBS Coordinated Plan, HealthPartners Freedom Plan or UCare for Seniors (partnering with PreferredOne).
  4. Complete and return the forms in the Senior Plan enrollment kit prior to the date that your retiree coverage is to begin. 


 Need more information about the Senior Plans?

Visit our website and click the Medical & Dental tab and select Retiree. Or call 651-355-0100 and ask to speak with a Benefit Specialist.





Prevent. Be Minnesota nice to yourself.




Be Minnesota nice to yourself.


SEGIP offers a new healthy lifestyle benefit for Minnesota State employees and adult family members - at no cost to you.


Prevent is an effective online program that helps you lose weight, get healthy, and reduce your risk for type 2 diabetes. The average Prevent participant loses 11 pounds at the end of 16 weeks.


Prevent guides you with:


  • A professional health coach to customize your program and check in daily
  • A wireless scale that automatically uploads your weight to your own private page
  • Weekly lessons so you understand which changes will have the biggest impact
  • A small group for encouragement and support


Find out if you qualify for Prevent


take a one-minute online screener at the Prevent website.


Already have diabetes?

Take advantage of SEGIP’s Diabetes Medication Therapy and Lifestyle Management Program (MTM) which waives copays for diabetic supplies and medications. Learn more at the MTM webpage.



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Point of Service with Permanent Residence outside of Minnesota


The Point of Service (POS) benefit is available to members who live outside of Minnesota. POS provides medical care through national networks offered by BlueCross, HealthPartners, or PreferredOne. 


Any member permanently residing outside Minnesota and the bordering counties may request access to the POS benefit:


  • Active employees and their dependents must provide SEGIP with the out of area address, complete the POS form, and call their carrier to request the Point of Service benefit.
  • Early retirees must provide their new permanent address to their carrier and request access to the POS benefit.


The POS has a $350 single/$700 family first dollar annual deductible and a 30% coinsurance responsibility for all claims. However, your maximum out-of-pocket cost is limited to the cost level of the clinic you select.


Pharmacy benefits are provided through the Navitus Retail Pharmacy network which is nationwide. This means that members living outside of Minnesota do not need to take an extra step. For help locating a pharmacy go to


 What is a Permanent Residence?


  • Your intended permanent home
  • You reside there for at least 183 days per calendar year
  • You file your income taxes from this state


Got questions about POS?

Contact SEGIP at or 651-355-0100. You can also call the customer service number on the back of your MN Advantage Card.

Step it Up!



Will your agency win?


The Step It Up!® challenge by StayWell is an eight week challenge to increase physical activity. It runs May 18 – July 12. Nine agencies will win a tailored visit from the StayWell onsite wellness coordinator.


During this eight week challenge, 1,364 individuals and 91 teams will count their steps. As of week five, 206 individuals reached the challenge goal of 250,000 steps. And 327 individuals completed the 5K in a three day bonus challenge.


Edge into the winner's circle. Log on to enter your steps and track your progress at the StayWell website.

The win might help take your agency’s health and wellbeing to the next level. Winning agencies will be notified by the end of July.