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                                                                              FEBRUARY 2014

Birth Data News

Excellence in Birth Data

Each year, the Minnesota Department of Health, Office of Vital Records sponsors a full-day conference and training especially for birth registrars. The day is designed to be informative, entertaining and encouraging for participants who create birth records in Minnesota.

This year’s Excellence in Birth Registration Conference will be held Thursday, May 1, at the Hampton Inn, Shoreview, conveniently located in the northern Twin Cities metro area on Highway 694 at Lexington Avenue. If you’ve attended before, you know this is a great day of training, networking and insight into the creation of vital records. This year’s conference will not be an exception, as we will offer new information to help you with this important work.

Through a series of presentations, interactive panel discussions, and small groups, attendees will learn about the importance of birth records, how birth data is used and how to record births in accordance with state and federal laws.  Tips to improve parent satisfaction, data quality, and workflow will be offered, and hospitals with excellent data quality and timely filing will receive awards.

The cost for this year’s conference is $43.10 per person, which includes meals and all conference materials. Pre-registration is required by April 25. We are unable to accept registration or payment at the door.

Register online at www.health.state.mn.us/registration  

This year we are offering a limited number of free registrations for first-time attendees to encourage facilities to send more than one person to the training. First-time attendees can email sally.almond@state.mn.us to request a free registration (no free registrations online, please). Free registrations are limited to the first 45 requests, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Learning objectives, directions, and a more formal agenda for this year’s Excellence in Birth Registration Conference will be provided in future Birth Data News articles and emails.


Unfinished Records in Your Work Queue

Please take a moment to check your work queue to ensure that you don’t have any abandoned birth records that need to be deleted.

If you come across an unfinished record needing deletion, please send an email with the child’s name (if available), date of birth, and your user name to:


Requests to delete unfinished records can also be made by phone.


Questions about Training
Do you have questions about.....?

1. Why and how birth record information is collected:

  • Surrogacies, adoptions, same-sex parents?
  • ROPs and HNPSs?
  • Public and confidential records?

2. How birth record information is used?

Our office offers free on-site training for new and experienced birth registrars and the labor and delivery practitioners they work with.

Schedule a training session.


C-Section Reminder
When entering the number of previous cesarean births do not include the current birth.


Surveys Are Out
The birth registration surveys are available. Notices were sent last week. Please take a few moments and respond as soon as possible. Thanks!


Birth Registrar Website
Do you need a form, or are you searching for more information? Please visit our website!