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Marion Greene
Commissioner, 3rd District

Ray Hoover
Principal Aide

Pam Fahlstrom
Administrative Assistant


The 3rd District serves the city of St. Louis Park, and parts of west and downtown Minneapolis.

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Hennepin County is selling compost bins to help you start composting in your backyard and recycle your food and yard waste into nutrient-rich compost.

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Greetings and happy Fourth of July!

This is the first District 3 monthly newsletter.  We hope this serves as a resource for connecting to Hennepin County activities and staying updated on county news and services. Click here for more ways to connect with Hennepin County. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I value your opinions.

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swearing in

Oath of office

Newly elected to the Hennepin County Board on May 13, I was privately sworn in as soon as possible. We held a public ceremony at the Government Center on June 18. Fourth District Judge Elizabeth Cutter administered the oath of office before a large gathering of friends, family, and co-workers.

Minnesota's wet, costly June

Heavy, consistent rain during June has caused water levels on Lake Minnetonka and Minnehaha Creek to set all-time record highs, and the Governor has declared emergencies in 35 counties (and counting). Hennepin County Emergency Management has helped to coordinate with local jurisdictions, and will assist the Federal Emergency Management Agency in compiling data for its preliminary damage assessment. This is the first step in qualifying for a presidential disaster declaration, which releases federal aid to the state and counties with public infrastructure damage.  The state needs to demonstrate $7.3 million in damage, but Hennepin County has already taken a $14 million hit. 

Big costs in the county came from a mudslide at the University of Minnesota, sandbagging to protect Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park from Minnehaha Creek flooding, and road damage.

For more information, Check out the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Website, The City of Minneapolis, or the City of St. Louis Park.


Committee chairmanship and other assignments

At the June 10 and June 24 board meetings, I became chair of the Health and Human Services Committee. With my experience in health policy and leadership on this issue at the legislature, I am particularly excited to lead this committee. I also became vice-chair of the Public Safety & Judiciary Committee, and vice-chair of the Housing Redevelopment Authority (read more about HRA here). 

In June, I toured the Hennepin County service hub (see photo) in Brooklyn Center. I look forward to assisting the Human Services department in helping people gain employment, stabilize their housing, feed their families, access health care and keep their families safe and intact.

Barbette restaurant owner first to be recognized for business recycling

Kim Bartmann's Barbette, in Uptown Minneapolis, recently was lauded for its long-term efforts to reduce their food waste. Hennepin County is working to recognize local businesses for their recycling efforts by providing window decals and listing them in an online directory. Bartman and Barbette were the first to receive the accolade for their efforts. Several years ago, Barbette was one of the first businesses in Hennepin County to start an organics composting program. The decals are similar in concept to restaurant rating decals. Customers can use the directory to support businesses that are recycling and diverting organic waste from the trash.

The county is looking for more businesses to promote their recycling efforts.  Learn more here, or call 612-348-3777.

District 3 Staff

District 3 Team

Announcing the District 3 team at Hennepin County:  Ray Hoover (principal aide), Pam Fahlstrom (admin), and Bill Fellman (staff). Ray is a political veteran and managed my campaign this spring.  Pam and Bill were members of Commissioner Dorfman's staff, and will bring continuity to our group and to constituents.  Please be sure to introduce yourself.

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Board Meeting Highlights

June 10

Board appoints assistant county administrator for Public Safety 
Mark Thompson was appointed assistant county administrator for Public Safety.  Mr. Thompson brings more than 26 years of experience in criminal justice work, most recently as the administrator for the Fourth Judicial District Court.  His appointment completes a realignment of Assistant County Administrators into five county work areas.

Creation of Housing and Redevelopment Authority opportunity fund
The board approved an exciting pilot program aimed at acquiring strategic development sites on or near transit corridors. With the Housing and Redevelopment Authority opportunity fund, the county can help guide development and provide lease opportunities for small businesses, as well as affordable units in new housing developments, and protections for people in danger of being priced out of their homes. The fund is designed to create jobs, provide access to employment, and enhance the tax base in a community, while ensuring that development does not destroy it.

June 24

Board approves Environmental Response Fund grants
The board approved Environmental Response Fund grants for 2014 for asbestos and lead-based paint abatement, and contaminated soil cleanup.  These grants were developed to encourage the construction of affordable housing units, increase the tax-base, and provide new construction jobs and other new permanent jobs. Grants in District 3 include:

  • City of Minneapolis (MoZaic Phase II project)
  • Washburn Center for Children (Minneapolis
  • Hennepin County Housing, Community Works and Transit (lead reduction program, countywide)

Board approves immediate action for Greenway bridge repair at Pleasant Avenue
Annual inspections show deterioration in the northwest wall of the Pleasant Avenue Bridge on the Midtown Greenway. The board approved the use of expedited contracting to stabilize the northwest wall. In the interim, part of the trail is closed for safety purposes. The City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County will work together on a plan to fix the bridge.

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Board Briefings

In addition to our regularly scheduled board meetings, the County Board often meets for updates on Thursday mornings. These are informal opportunities to discuss emerging issues. No decisions are made, and the topics are subject to change. Board briefings occur in the board room on the 24th floor of the Hennepin County Government Center and are open to the public.

July 10
Public Works process improvement results 
Center of Innovation and Excellence

July 24
Community Works
Sober House

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County Calendar

Special Board meeting July 8 on Southwest Light Rail Transit
There will be a special board meeting on July 8, immediately after the regularly scheduled committee meetings. The board will vote to approve or disapprove the physical design components for the Southwest Light Rail Transit line.

Public Hearing July 22 on Five-Year Capital Improvement Program
There will be a public hearing during the Budget and Capital Investment Committee meeting on July 22, 2014 at 1:30 p.m. on the proposal to issue general obligation bonds of the county for financing new capital improvements in the county’s five-year capital improvement program. 

Find the County Board calendar here.

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