Hennepin Report - September 2013





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Peter McLauglin
Commissioner, 4th District

Brian Shekleton
Principal Aide

Dorothy Rucker



This district serves parts of east and downtown Minneapolis, and Fort Snelling.


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Target Field Station will be downtown hotspot


This new $ 82 million transit hub being constructed by Hennepin County and funded by 15 funding partners will officially be named Target Field Station. The County Board approved a public and private development agreement enhancing the new multimodal hub with partners like the Minnesota Twins, United Properties, Target Corporation and Metro Transit. 

As part of the improvements, there will be better queuing space for transit riders, green space where people can gather and relax, an amphitheater, and other amenities. Target Field Station is expected to open in spring 2014. For more information, visit www.theinterchange.net.

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Ft. Snelling Stabilized by Sentence To Service Crews

Ft. Snelling Clock Tower

Hennepin County has been working to stabilize the buildings at the Upper Bluff of Ft. Snelling. Sentence To Service (STS) Crews were partnered with Summit Academy to be trained in carpentry, welding, remodeling and general labor between September 2011 and June 2013: 63 STS individuals were trained. 

It's worth noting that the recidivism rate for state inmates is 40% while STS participants are re-incarcerated at 6%. 

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Funding approved to implement health reform

Health Care

Hennepin County will hire 75 full-time employees to register an estimated 23,800 people who are newly eligible for Medical Assistance because of the Affordable Care Act. Implementing the Act will involve transitioning MinnesotaCare clients to Medical Assistance and the Federal Government will pay 93% of the costs.  The remaining $300,000 will be covered by Hennepin County.

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Midtown Corridor bridge study to be conducted

Midtown Bridges

Hennepin County, MNDOT and the City of Minneapolis retained a consultant to perform a historical and structural evaluation of the bridges over the Midtown Greenway. The study will evaluate the structural condition and historic context of the bridges as well as evaluate opportunities for bridge preservation, and the opportunities and challenges associated with a double-track transitway. The study will include 37 bridges over/adjacent to the Midtown Corridor between the Hennepin Avenue Bridge and Cedar Avenue Bridge.

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Board approves funding for truancy intervention



Hennepin County board approved more than $1.4 million in funding to go to nine agencies for the be@school program. The be@school mission is to increase school attendance and improve community connections across Hennepin County through collaborative early intervention providing education and support services to school-age youth and their families. The program works with children and youth who are showing early signs of truancy or have a pattern of unexcused absences. The local agencies conduct intake visits and provide direct counseling and group services with youth and/or parents. The agencies follow the be@school program model and receive referrals from the County Attorney's office. The nine local agencies providing be@school services are Headway Emotional Health Services; YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities; MACC Service Network, LLC;  Lutheran Social Service; Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches Division of Indian Work; Centro Cultural Chicano; YWCA of Minneapolis; Hmong American Partnership and The Link.

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