Hennepin Health Newsletter: November 2015


November 2015



Ross Owen

Julie Bluhm
Clinical Program Manager

Lori Imsdahl


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Hennepin Health is an innovative health care delivery program that was launched in January 2012.

The program is a collaboration between Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC), NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center (NorthPoint), Metropolitan Health Plan (MHP), and Human Services and Public Health Department (HSPHD) of Hennepin County.

Hennepin Health members receive care from a multidisciplinary care coordination team. Other innovative features include a common electronic health record, and tiered care that is based upon a member’s identified needs.

Find eligibility and enrollment information at the MNsure website.


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Hennepin Health prepares for expansion

innovation day

Hennepin Health is preparing to expand to families in 2016! 

Additional Metropolitan Health Plan call center personnel have been hired and trained to better accommodate callers. We have noticed a significant drop in wait times and expect this to continue to improve.

Look for Hennepin Health bus ads, billboards, and outreach staff at local events. We’re very excited about the opportunity to serve more members in our integrated care model.

For questions regarding Hennepin Health eligibility, member benefits, and other services, call Hennepin Health Member Services at 612-596-1036

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Hennepin Health wins Leaders in Health Care Award

leaders in healthcare award

On October 29, Hennepin Health won a Minnesota Business Magazine Leaders in Health Care Award in the Community Outreach category

Among Hennepin Health’s notable community outreach initiatives is its hiring of six outreach community health workers in 2014.

Between April 2014 and June 2015, those outreach workers helped Hennepin Health members schedule 651 primary care appointments and 351 dental appointments. They also began teaching classes to members about healthy eating and physical fitness. Their work is ongoing.

See the November issue of Minnesota Business Magazine for a feature about the Hennepin Health outreach worker team. 

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Hennepin Health participating in PCORI-funded study

In April 2015, the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation (MMRF) — with the support of Hennepin Health — was awarded a Tier I Pipeline to Proposal Award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

Unlike traditional research models, the Pipeline to Proposal Awards engage patients and other stakeholders in every step of the research process, with the goal of making them equal partners. The hope is that Pipeline to Proposal research findings will be relevant to the priorities of patients and communities, not just to the priorities of researchers!

pcori conference

Mariela Ardemagni-Tollin, Laura Guzman-Corrales, Jorge Huerta Martinez, and Kate Vickery at the 2015 PCORI Pipeline to Proposal Awardee Convention in Minneapolis, MN

The Hennepin Health Pipeline to Proposal multi-stakeholder team has been meeting monthly since May. The 12-person team consists of five patients, three community health workers, two researchers, Hennepin Health’s director Ross Owen, and a community facilitator. The group is energetic and motivated, and each person brings their unique expertise to the table — whether it is as a Medicaid patient who is trying to be heard and understood by his provider, or a community health worker who is trying to break down the silos between health care and social services.

So far, the team has focused on relationship-building and has discussed its mission and decision-making structure. This will lead to the creation of a governance document, a main outcome of Tier I, which will serve as a guide for how the group works together. In the meetings to come, the team will begin fleshing out research questions.

PCORI evaluates Tier I awardees to determine if they should advance to Tier II. In Tier II, awardees have 12 months to further develop their research partnerships and research questions. At the end of Tier II, awardees can submit a proposal for Tier III funding. In Tier III, awardees finalize a research proposal. Afterward, they can submit that proposal to PCORI for funding.

MMRF’s Tier I funding will end in January 2016. In the spring of 2016 MMRF and Hennepin Health hope to move to Tier II.

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Attention children’s mental health providers

On January 1, 2016 Hennepin Health will begin serving children. 

Please help us spread the word to children’s mental health providers  

Hennepin Health will continue to offer an open access network for mental health and chemical health services. 

Mental and chemical health providers do not need to initiate a contract with Hennepin Health to provide services to Hennepin Health members or to have claims submitted for reimbursement. However, they must: 

  • Complete a Hennepin Health Provider Information Form (PIF) and a current W9 form. These forms are available on Hennepin Health’s website at www.HennepinHealth.org, under the Providers, Forms section. Providers must return both documents to Hennepin Health by emailing them to www.MHP.Cred@hennepin.us 
  • Be currently enrolled with the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) as a provider for Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP), Medical Assistance, and Minnesota Care.

For more information, call Hennepin Health Provider Services at 612-596-1036

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Diapers and diplomas


Since 2012, Teen HOPE, a Minnesota Visiting Nurse Agency (MVNA) led program, has helped hundreds of teen parents in Hennepin County develop self-sufficiency and further their educational and career goals. Read more in Healthy You, Healthy Hennepin, the county's online public health magazine.

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