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Welcome to the PlayCleanGo Partner Newsletter!

Brought to you by the PlayCleanGo Newsletter Committee - Laura Van Riper, Shantell Frame-Martin, Emily Anderson, and Matt Davis.

Thank you for being a PlayCleanGo partner and bringing the message of invasive species prevention to your area!  We created this newsletter as a way to share how partners are using PlayCleanGo.  We look forward to highlighting success stories, new products, ideas for events and activities, how people are funding their outreach, and successful PlayCleanGo events.  Please let us know if you have stories, photos, or products you’d like to share in this newsletter.  Email ideas to Laura VanRiper.  Thanks for checking out the newsletter!

In this newsletter:

  • PlayCleanGo, Montana Style!
  • PlayCleanGo attends a Beach Party!
  • New products: PlayCleanGo imprinted boot brushes and Montana videos
  • North American Invasive Species Management Association annual conference

Project Success Stories

PlayCleanGo, Montana Style!

By Shantell Frame-Martin, MNWEC Project Coordinator, Montana

If you were to ask any Montanan, “What’s a noxious weed?” they’d probably be able to tell you, and if you’re lucky, you might even get them to name at least one.  This knowledge and awareness can be attributed to the myriad of noxious weed resources available within the state and the dedication of the state’s weed professionals who have tirelessly promoted noxious weed education around the state. 

To elevate Montanans’ awareness even further into taking action is where PlayCleanGo (PCG) is a perfect fit.  As a state, we’ve fully embraced the PCG Campaign and have started to promote PCG in many different ways to multiple target audiences across the state.  Materials such as Hunt.Clean.Go. and Ride.Clean.Go. rack cards and posters have been developed and mass mailed out to every sporting goods store, Fish Wildlife and Parks location, Chamber of Commerce, Forest Service office and Bureau of Land Management offices across the state.  A total of 250 envelopes were mailed out with a PCG welcome letter encouraging the receiving entity to become a PCG partner.

compents on the Montan Invsive Species education

To get PlayCleanGo into Montana’s schools, a PCG-themed poster was inserted into 2,000 copies of the Montana Invasive Species Education K-9 curriculum that was developed by Montana’s Ag in the Classroom Program; Montana Fish, Wildlife& Parks; Montana Natural Resources & Conservation Service; and the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.  The curriculum was developed to promote awareness about invasive species that pose a threat to Montana and demonstrates the importance of stopping the spread of these invasive species.  Included in the curriculum is information on 28 invasive species (all taxa) that the agencies in Montana would like children to become aware of as well as who to contact if seen/found, and thanks to PCG, simple tips on how to prevent their spread!

boot brush sign

Another newly developed program in Montana is ‘Adopt A Trailhead Montana’ or AATM.  This project is designed similarly to others in the U.S. where volunteer groups provide noxious weed control measures at trailheads to help stop the spread of noxious weeds further into the backcountry.  By using the signage created by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the program promotes the PCG message and encourages trail-users to take the time to clean their shoes and gear at boot brush kiosks before and after leaving trails selected as AATM trailheads.  The first AATM project in Montana will be launched on September 26, 2015 at the Rattlesnake National Recreation Area near Missoula, Montana.

Rack Cards

To promote the PlayCleanGo message in Montana and other mountainous western states, Hunt.Clean.Go. and Ride.Clean.Go. posters and rack cards were developed and are available!  These educational materials target two large recreational audiences that recreate in the west; those that hunt and those that ride or pack. The Hunt.Clean.Go. materials feature a hunter demonstrating how to clean off his boots after a long day of hunting, and the Ride.Clean.Go. materials feature a Back Country Horseman member packing in the Bitterroot-Selway National Forest in Western Montana. Photo credits have been obtained for both of these photos and these materials are available for use in your state!  For additional information about these materials, please contact: Shantell Frame-Martin or 406-444-9491 or Kim Lanahan-Lahti  or 651-259-5293.

PlayCleanGo attends a Beach Party!

By Derek Witt and Angela Isackson, Three Rivers Park District, Minnesota

three river event photo

August 5th marked the 14th annual Bryant Lake Beach Party, a low-cost community event hosted at Bryant Lake Regional Park. This event was coordinated by Richardson Nature Center and the Hyland Visitor Center within the Three Rivers Park District. This summer, the event was planned around the theme of Invasive Species.  Using carnival style games, arts and crafts, as well as information about invasive species, and representatives from Landscape Restoration promoting the Buckthorn Blaster, guests were given a rich and diverse opportunity to learn about this important topic.

For the kids, we had games that revolved around different invasive species in Minnesota.

  •  In the “Muskrat Race,” participants used squirt bottles to propel a suspended image of a muskrat across an imaginary pond. Along the way, the muskrat had to avoid obstacles such as curly-leaf pondweed and Eurasian watermilfoil.
  •  In the game “Mucking for Worms,” participants waded and fingered through muddy muck looking for “earthworms” (a rubber lookalike, that is).
  •  In “Inspectors Needed!” participants had 1-minute to run from the starting line to a ‘boat’ (made of cardboard, covered in Velcro tape), and pull off one aquatic species at a time. The participants had to use an invasive vs. native guide to decide if the aquatic life removed was either invasive or native, then they had to run to the correct bucket deposit and continue until time ran out.

As prizes, kids won pretend tattoos of invasive creatures, along with snacks and other goodies.

Adults had opportunities to talk with experts and pick up invasive species materials. Over 300+ guests left the Bryant Lake Beach Party equipped with the knowledge and even the tools (FREE boot brush) to make Minnesota’s natural beauty sustainable and invasive-free!

New Products

imprinted PCG boot brushes

PlayCleanGo imprinted boot brushes

As many of you know, boot brushes make a great giveaway item at events. People are excited to get such a neat product and it directly helps them prevent the spread of invasive species. Brightly colored boot brushes in PlayCleanGo orange, blue, and green are now available. These boot brushes have “PlayCleanGo.org” imprinted on one side and “Stop Invasive Species in Your Tracks” on the other side. These can be ordered on the PlayCleanGo order form.

Montana video

PlayCleanGo Videos

PlayCleanGo has been the theme of three, thirty second educational commercials produced in Montana. The first two commercials are centered around a recreational theme. Specifically, the first commercial depicts photos of people partaking in popular recreational activities in Montana and showcases a few of the state listed noxious weeds. The second commercial also showcases recreational activities while focusing on showing recreationalists how to check and remove mud and seeds from their gear, pets and vehicles. The third commercial is in development and will feature a PCG theme of using certified weed seed free forage and preventing weed seed dispersal while hunting. Check out our first two commercials, MNWEC PlayCleanGo Commercial and MNWEC Come Clean, Leave Clean Commercial


North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA) Annual Conference

By Julie Kraft, NAISMA, Wyoming

The NAISMA annual conference will be held Oct. 18 – 21, 2015 in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. The NAISMA Marketing and Outreach Committee will hold its committee meeting on Monday October 19th from 9:00-12:00. We will have a presentation from Susan Burks with PlayCleanGo and open discussion with committee members presenting how each state and province is using and promoting PlayCleanGo in their area and set goals for the committee for the upcoming year.

This committee meeting will give us the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and look towards the future promotion of PlayCleanGo as an international invasive species awareness campaign. We will also have a Marketing and Outreach Breakout Session on Wednesday the 21st at 1:30. Featured speakers in this session are Susan Burks with PlayCleanGo, Gail Wallin on BC's Plantwise program, Lisa Scott on Don't Move a Mussel, and one time slot that is to be announced.

As the Marketing and Outreach Committee our members have been very active in our home states to participate and promote PlayCleanGo. We will have more to share after reports are given at the meeting, so stay tuned. 

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