DEED Roundup - Dec. 30, 2013


          DEED Roundup - Dec. 30, 2013 


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Lots of Jobs on the Minnesota Prairie
Minneapolis Star Tribune-12/26/13
Southwestern Minnesota’s rosy employment numbers reflect a good-news trend for several counties located far from the Twin Cities.

A Good Year for Craft Brewers
Minneapolis Star Tribune-12/27/13
Fourteen brewers opened operations in Minnesota in 2013, making it a very good year in the brewing universe. Watch for an upcoming issue of DEED's Trends magazine, which will feature a cover story on the craft beer renaissance in Minnesota.

Minnesota Creating Private-Sector Jobs at Twice the Pace of Wisconsin
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-12/18/13
While the latest job figures show Minnesota created more than 45,000 jobs in the private sector in the past year, Wisconsin continues to struggle with private-sector job growth, creating about half as many jobs during the same period.

Did You Know?

Town hall

Minnesotans have the second-highest rate of civic engagement and volunteerism in the country, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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A Holiday Gift That's Made in Minnesota
A Minnesota manufacturers supply chain database has been on the industry's wishlist for quite a while. And this year, manufacturers found it neatly wrapped beneath their collective tree. The Made in Minnesota directory makes it easy for the state's manufacturers to buy materials, components and finished products from each other instead of out-of-state or foreign suppliers.

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