DEED Roundup -- Dec 9, 2013


          DEED Roundup - Dec 9, 2013

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at the Economic Competitiveness Summit Jan. 22  


Our View: Minn Economy Back on Track
Winona Daily News-12/08/13
$1,000,000,000 -- that’s a one, followed by nine zeros. Get a bonus check like that, you’d have one reaction: Woo-hoo!

Gov. Dayton Eyes Tax Cuts with Projected $1 Billion State Surplus
Star Tribune-12/05/13
Projected surplus shows Minnesota is moving solidly into the black, with strong job, wage growth outpacing the national average.

Billion Dollar Surplus Latest Good Economic News for Minnesota
Heady stuff: Forecast means Minn will be able to pay off all of its debts -- the remaining $246M owed to schools and $15M owed to a state airports fund — and still have more than an $800 million surplus.

Connect Minn Hosts Broadband Summit
'Minnesota has made significant progress toward achieving our state speed goal; we are ranked in the top 10 in broadband adoption; and we have great stakeholders working in all areas of broadband access, adoption, and use across the state,' said Connect Minnesota’s State Program Manager William Hoffman.

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Duluth Transforms into 'City of Lights'

Photo credit: Dennis O'Hara

America's free large lighting display

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Female in wheelchair

Disability Employment in Minnesota
Employment Review-10/2013
Gov. Dayton has said that hiring more people with disabilities should be a priority for state government. Dayton’s Reform 2020 budget package invests about $400,000 in a two-year plan to support 18- to 26-year-old Minnesotans with disabilities in getting access to employment. Under this policy community organizations will help  clients resolve job issues, benefits planning and integration of all services they may need to enter the workforce.

Training for the Future: Education, Employment Projections, Wages
Employment Review-10/2013
More than 291,000 job openings between 2010-20 in Minn will require some post-secondary education.

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